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Who is Who?

Other than myself, Holly, here are the other names that will come up a lot in my blog:

Trey, husband extraordinaire who puts up with my silliness and is my #1 supporter. 

The cats, Elvis (left) and Charlie (right).  They think my pump tube is a chew toy. 

The dogs, Missy (left) & Roscoe (right).  Their ears always perk up when I beep. 

The gadgets, Constance the CGM (left) & meter to Arnold the pump (right).

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse, certified diabetes educator (CDE) or any medical professional of any kind. (But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!) Therefore, please do not use any of my postings as medical fact. I am simply a blogger expressing my highs and lows (pun intended) with diabetes. For changes in your medication, exercise regiment, or diet please consult a qualified physician.

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My name is Holly and I live in north Alabama with my hubby, two cats, and a dog.