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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bigger Tegaderm Patch

My order for my bigger Tegaderm patches came in yesterday, and I immediately put one on to see how much it covers my Dexcom site.  I really like the Tegaderm patches because they stay on like they're part of my skin but it's flexible enough that I don't notice it's there.  Some medical patches are great for keeping things on but leave your skin red as a beet afterward. 

Because bigger is better when it covers the whole site. 
The real test for this will come tomorrow night when I have a softball game.  Because I'm noticing that the Dexcom tape is impervious to water (as advertised), but it's a whole different ball game (pun!) when I sweat.  It's hard to keep the tape sticky when warm salt water is coming up from underneath it.  How do you keep things sticky when you're sweating from underneath it?  That's my challenge right now.  I'm hoping with the less humid weather that the overall air moisture will be less.  Because keeping this thing on for a whole week without intervention is proving to be a challenge. 


  1. Wow that's a biggie. Hopefully it holds up. Those things always rip off my skin. Meh. Play hard! :)

  2. Holly, holy snap can I ever relate to your post. And I'm using the measley minimed which is tiny as shit for adhesive tape. Bloody things fall off after one day because I sweat and exercise a lot.
    i like the big tegaderm though------ I'd like to get my hands on one of those!

  3. I've been using Tegaderm to completely cover and tape down my MM sensor and I love it!!! I agree, it's nice and bendy so I don't even feel it there. Mine holds up just fine when I sweat - but of course, we're all different. Fingers crossed yours will hold up too.

  4. Tegaderm sets my skin on fire! But this makes me want to try it again . . .

  5. I've never used Tegaderm, but might have to try it after my box of IV3000 is used up. You don't have any problems when you cover up the transmitter like that? I was taught to only put the tape around it... then again, I was also taught to only use the sensor for 7 days. HA!

  6. @Kim: I had never heard to not cover the transmitter so I didn't know any different. But I've never had any trouble with signal with the tape covering it. It's still business as usual. =)


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