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Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Post: The Other Side of Me

Did you know that I manage another blog?  Yes, it's a home remodeling blog I started back in January (pre-Arnold and Me) when my husband and I bought a slight fixer-upper.  OK, it was a HUGE fixer-upper (just look at all 18 of my posts and you'll see why), but I love it!

I decided to start that blog so that family and friends who wanted to keep up on our progress could do so without having to start a Facebook account (but I also have a photo album of the same name there, if you like to see more pictures than progress notes).  When we first started remodeling, I was making posts once a week because loads of stuff was being done on that timescale (like a brand new kitchen!).  And since my house remodeling skills stop at sweeping up nails, I decided the blog would be my portion to the project.

Now that the house is livable and we don't have time to do the little things here and there, posting is sparse.  But this past week, we were able to finish a project that turned out beautiful--using refurb doors from the great room and turning them into bedroom doors.  But for those that just want to see the finish product, here you go:

Seal gray walls + white trim doorway + dark wood door =  LOVE! 
This blog will always be more me, because diabetes is daily.  But the home remodeling blog is a different glimpse into my life sans D.  I love our house and the personal stamp we've been able to put on it over the past 8 months.  So head on over there if you'd like a break from diabetes-related things for this bloggy month that is November.

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