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Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Blah

I wouldn't necessarily call it burnout, I'm not quite there yet.  But lately I've just felt like I've been going through the motions with diabetes (and life).  I'm testing, counting, bolusing, exercising, but I just don't have any emotion behind any of it.  The other night, Constance said that I soared to over 350 mg/dL before my insulin kicked in, and I just blinked at it.  And I'm waiting out my lows longer than I should:  I'll see that I'm low, wait the 30 minutes for the "snooze" to see if I will come up on my own, then correct if I'm still low. 

I don't know what's causing this "blah"-ness.  It could be the constant cold weather that's starting to wear on me and causing some winter blues.  It could be the fact that I've stuck to my resolution of working out at least every other day and I've oscillated between +/- 2 lbs.  It could be that college football is officially over (can I start the countdown yet?).  And it could be just because diabetes is a constant disease regardless of my ambition or spirit to keep it under control. 

Sometimes the blahs or burnouts can be a good thing.  I haven't stressed out over a blood sugar reading over 250 mg/dL because I know the insulin will kick in eventually.  But I haven't hooked Constance up to the Dexcom software since before my endo appointment back in October.  And honestly, I'm afraid to.  Between a sinus infection that left me cruising in the 300s and all the holiday snacking, I think my last A1c of 6.3% is long gone. 

I'm just in this weird in-between phase right now because it's too cold to go bike riding or play softball (or to at least enjoy it).  So I find myself going from home to work to home, trying to keep warm in the process making soup after soup (I'm running out of soup recipes), and working out with the Wii.  Trey cut up a cantaloupe the other day, and I got the sweetest hint of spring with its taste.  I'm so ready to see the sun and feel its warmth, rather than seeing my breath in the sky. 

I've got the winter (and diabetes) blues.  *cue jazz harmonica* 


  1. I think the D blues are running around like the flu these days. My solution? I listen to a lot of "summertimeish" music, keep way too many lights on in the house, and eat lots of oranges. Somehow, it reminds me that the snow will eventually go away....

  2. I totally blame the winter cold, and you're not the only one with the blahs. Planning fun events for the summer (D-Coaster Day!) and looking forward to getting back on my bike (as soon as the weather gets above 60 degrees and the time changes back to giving us more daylight in the evenings) helps me to get through. Next month I am joining the gym for 1 month to really get ready, so when March gets here and the time changes, I won't need convincing to get my butt outside of the house!

  3. I've been going through a burnout of my own lately, I think. I just prefer not to check my blood sugar sometimes, because I'd rather not know. I hope I get over this soon, though.


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