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Monday, June 6, 2011

Personal (Under)Wear

The temperatures this week have brought summer ROARING into the southeastern United States.  During these hotter months, I like to wear really comfortable cotton sundresses, complete with a pony tail and flip flops--classy.  However, this presents an issue when it comes to wearing my pump Arnold.  I know some of my gal pal diabetics like to wear a thigh holsters or some Spanx-type shorts with a pump pocket.  To me, both of those options add an extra piece of clothing that I can't handle with the heat and sweat.  So what's a girl to do?

Enter hiphugger underwear!  I'm a rather hippy girl to begin with (and not in the "groovy" kind of way, but in the I've got a nice set of "birthin' hips" as my mom would say), so underwear choice is a very important decision for me.  Not long after I got Arnold, I noticed that the amount of fabric covering my hips was exactly enough to hold Arnold in place in his long-rectangular form with the tube parallel to the floor (have you got the image? because I'm not taking a picture for you).  This set-up is perfect for wearing flowy sundresses because you can't see the pump outline on my hip.  Even though I favor the hiphugger shape in underwear, this also goes for briefs or "granny panties" if you please. 

So why am I sharing this extremely personal information with the entire internet?  Well I just wanted to make sure that every girl sporting a pump is privy to this information because it would be the type of nugget that I would want to know.  Also because this type of information is also great if you don't have PJs that have pockets (which dictates my PJ purchase nowadays).  And if you have another tip for hiding a pump in your everyday wear, then let me know in the comments! 


  1. DUDE. I do the same exact thing, and wondered who else did!

  2. I'm still struggling with this issue. On Saturday I wore a dress and jammed the pump in my bra, but I have some other dresses that are v-necked or whatever and that trick doesn't work.

    When Arnold's clipped to your undies, how do you bolus?

  3. i do the same thing - sort of! instead of the side of the undies, i go with the back waistband ... tuck it in the top. some of aerie's unna-weahs have a thicker waistband and it's just enough support for the pump!! i love a little fun lady knowledge and tip sharing ;)

  4. @Jacquie: Since I have an MM, I have to excuse myself to the restroom. But I'm hoping to get an Animas later with the remote bolus option.

    But if it's just me and the hubby at home, I'll just lift my dress up like I'm a 5-year-old. =P

  5. Oh yay! This is so helpful for me since I'm looking at pump options and wear dresses almost daily! Thanks Holly! By the way, coffee soon?

  6. i do that too! sometimes clip it in my bra also. but sometimes the girls smother the cgm signal... ;)

  7. I do both depending on what the dress is like. I do just go the bathroom and bolus, since let's be real, no smooth way to go digging around LOL

  8. My 11-year-old daughter wears a SPIbelt for her pump when she wears dresses. I don't think her undies are tight enough to securely hold her pump. But I'll let her know that could be an option when she gets older. Thanks! :)

  9. I've done biker shorts with the pump clipped at the small of my bike facing inward and it works OK but isn't comfy when driving or sitting. The bra thing doesn't work too well for me as I'm not endowed enough to cover the pump. On Easter I wore a linen tank dress and hooked the pump on my arm hole, sort of in my armpit. Since I was wearing a light 3/4 sleeve jacket as well, it worked great and wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as the other options!

  10. my daughter uses the omni pod so thats at least one problem we dont have.


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