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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"It's Called a Lance(t), Helloooooo!"

Last week, my standard issue lancet from my OneTouch UltraLink was down for the count. The "pricker" (sorry, best term I can come up with) kept getting stuck in the chamber, refusing to actually make contact with my fingers. I finally had to resort to manually pricking myself, which is very unpleasant.

So I knew I needed to break down and buy a new lancet. I had heard good buzz about the Accu-Check Multiclix being really small and super swift, so I stopped by my closest retail pharmacy and picked one up. (I don't think I've ever paid that much for a lancet, or paid for one ever. Just fair warning.)

Payment aside, this thing is awesome! The "pricker" is like 10x smaller than a normal lancet (OK, not that much smaller, but I do need my glasses to see it). It has multiple depth settings for the sensitive to the calloused fingertips (after almost 5 years with diabetes, I'm only on the 2.5 mark out of 5). But perhaps the best thing about the lancet is the fact it comes with 6 "prickers" in a round. This might inspire me to change it more than once a month!

The first few days after I got it, I was so excited about using the lancet that I forgot to put a strip into the meter first. It's quite ungraceful to use one hand to open the vial and put a strip in the meter while holding the other hand up with a drop of blood ready to go. Regardless, I'm quite pleased with this purchase and I'm tempted to replace my backup meters with the same lancing device. Going from the "I can barely feel it" lancet during the day to "my finger has a heartbeat" lancet at the gym and by my bed is quite a contrast.

NOTE: No one paid me for this post. I paid my hard-earned money for this lancet. All opinions continue to be my own, unless they'd like to send me a free round of "prickers". =D


  1. My daughter has used that one for almost 3 years now :)

  2. I love love love that movie. It's one of my favorites :)

  3. For most diabetes devices I really don't think it matters what you prefer (pump, CGM, test strips, etc) but for a lancet device - if you have not at least TRIED the MultiClix you are doing it WRONG!

  4. hahah I have def done that before where I prick first then forget to put in a test strip lol. I should try that one! I also very rarely change out the needle...oops

  5. I love the MultiClix! AWESOME!!!

  6. As does everyone else, I also love the MultiClix! My insurance changed strips that they cover so I got this by "accident" when I had to switch to an Accu-Check meter ( which I am not as happy about) but this kiiiinda makes up for it.

  7. Just FYI, the "pricker" is the lancet. The thing that rockets it toward your fingers is a lancing device.

    And I like the BD version of the MultiClix.

  8. I love the Multiclix as well! Nothing compares for me. Their customer service is awesome as well - when the lancing device I had for over a year was jamming, I called and they shipped me a new one.


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