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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Answer is in the Cake

Last Thursday was my 18 week anatomy scan and ultrasound.  After a rough night dealing with dangerous low blood sugars, I was ready to know that my baby was OK and still doing well in there.  After a few minutes of holding Trey's hand in the waiting room, the tech called my name and we went back to the ultrasound room.  

The first thing she asked me as I was taking a seat on the table was, "Have you felt any movement yet?"  I was happy to reply, "Yes, a ton!"  It's true, this kid has a standing gymnastics appointment everyday around 9:30 AM.  I am the balance beam, I guess. 

I leaned back on the table, and she put the jelly wand on my belly.  The first thing she checked was the baby's heartbeat, which was whump-whumping away at 141 beats per minute.  That check alone made my fears ease a little bit.  So I took a deep breath and tried to enjoy the rest of the appointment.  

Then she went underneath the baby to look underneath its legs.  She said, "Well, it looks like it's a girl."  I wanted to be absolutely sure about that part, so I'm glad she went to zoom in.  "Oh yeah, definitely a girl."  I couldn't do anything but laugh.  Trey touched his hand on my knee and smiled at me.  The rest of the time, she used the pronoun "she" to describe all of her other parts.  

The tech went through and checked all of her major organs and bone structure to make sure everything looked good.  Heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal, stomach, spine, everything checked out.  Then she checked her feet, hands, and face and took snapshots for us to print out.  I had a slight diabetic moment when she checked her stomach, which was measuring a few days ahead at 19 weeks and 1 day, compared to her head that was measuring right on time at 18 weeks and 3 days.  I asked the tech if those were good numbers because I was worried about my little girl being bigger due to my diabetes, and she said they were fine and they don't worry unless things starts measuring a week ahead or more.  

It's hard not to be worried about every little thing as a pregnant diabetic, especially when I'm one who has done her homework and researched the death out of diabetic pregnancies beforehand.  I want to change my mindset to where I only will worry about stuff that my doctor brings up, not what I find on the internet.  It's fine if anyone wants to research about their health, but it can lead to a sort of hypochondria where we start to look for things that should be left for the doctor.  I go see my OB again on Thursday, so I'm going to try and keep my trap shut about my worries unless he brings them up first.  

We spent the weekend hosting Trey's family for the New Year's holiday, and we decided to let them know the gender of the baby via cake (like you do).  Everyone was happy to know that we're having a little girl, and many tears were shed when we revealed that she would be named after Trey's grandmother.  Our daughter has quite the loving family waiting on her. 

Pink cake by Arnold_and_Me
Sweet like me, pink like her. 


  1. Congratulations!! little girls are so precious! i have 2 of my own, only they're not so little anymore (26 & 21).
    try not to worry too much, everything will be fine. you are healthy and working hard to take care of yourself in preparation for your daughter's arrival! looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Yay! It seems like everyone I know is having a boy, so I'm glad someone is having a girl! ;)

    And my friend did the cake thing. Only they didn't find out the sex either until the cake was cut! I don't think I'd have the patience...

  3. A girl is perfect! Oh how perfect. My last one was a girl, Darla Jo. Sounds like you're doing just fine. Enjoy it!

  4. I TOLD YA SO!!! LOL. And, geez, ya got me tearing up with naming her after Trey's grandma. That is SO sweet!! And the cake looks delish!


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