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Friday, May 18, 2012

38 Weeks: Ready or Not, Here She Comes

This week has been a real busy week in preparing for our daughter's arrival.  I had so much anxiety about my OB appointment on Wednesday because I was worried about her size and being induced earlier than I wanted.  This appointment would also be my last regular appointment before the 39 week goal that my doctor set for me.  I wanted to end things on a good note and go into my induction with hope and optimism.  I also had my last endocrinology appointment on Thursday, so I was rounding things out in my last week as a diabetic pregnant woman.  

My OB appointment started out with an ultrasound again to check on baby's size and fluid levels.  Last week, she was measuring around 8 lbs 10 oz, and my doctor was worried about her getting over 9 lbs and being too big for me to push out.  Thankfully, it seems my daughter has ceased growing and is just chilling out in there because she came back at 8 lbs 11 oz this week.  My fluid levels were still good, too.  My doctor still seemed puzzled by the fact that I was carrying a large baby when my diabetic control has been as good as it's been.  I explained to him that Trey and I were both 9 lb babies when we were born.  And it was as if a light bulb went off in his head and he exclaimed, "Oh, well that explains it!  You just breed big, healthy babies.  That's all!"  So it turns out that I'm a "big breeder", nothing more.  But it does give me more pressure to keep stellar control for other pregnancies since my kids will more than likely land on the larger side anyway.  

My blood pressure came back fine.  Not great, but it wasn't higher than last week, so my doc didn't seem worried about it.  Next was my first internal exam.  I have to admit that I was really worried about this.  I had read horror stories about how painful they were and they could accidentally strip your membranes and put you in early labor!  Well, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, just went to a happy place and counted the tiles on the ceiling.  Right now I'm 1 cm dialated and 50% thinned out, which my doctor said is very optimistic before being induced.  Looks like my dedication to walk 2 miles everyday in these last few weeks might have paid off.  

The plan is if I haven't gone into labor on my own by Monday at 10 PM (which I highly doubt), I am to go to the maternity center and check in to start the induction process.  They'll start with something called cytotec that will thin out my cervix even more overnight.  The nurse told me that sometimes it is enough to send some moms into spontaneous labor.  Then we'll start an IV of pitocin, the drug that kick starts labor, early Tuesday morning.  After 3 PM on Monday, I can only have clear liquids (water, sports drinks, jello, chicken broth, etc.) because the drugs can cause some nausea.  

Yesterday, I had my final endocrinology appointment before having my daughter.  The nurse checked all my vitals while my A1c was spinning.  I asked for a refill on all my prescriptions, just in case I might be close to running out and I wasn't coming back to the office for 4 months.  I have been spoiled a little bit by coming in once a month, I don't worry about checking my prescriptions before I come in for an appointment.  My A1c came back at 5.3%, which makes my overall pregnancy range 5.1 to 5.6.  I was quite proud of myself at this fact and feel confident that I did the best I could, diabetes wise, to give my daughter the safest place to grow.  My endocrinologist and I discussed the plan for me during labor.  I'll keep my pump on until they start the pitocin, and I'll keep it off until she is born.  "And I can put it on right after, right?"  I'm not a big fan of IVs, so I have this image of immediately ripping them out (a la the Hulk) right after I hear her first cry.  They will check my blood sugar once every hour while the IV is in, but of course I can check at my leisure as well as having my CGM.  Then I can reconnect the pump using my pre-pregnancy basal rates and bolus ratios, because once she's out and the placenta is delivered my insulin needs will dramatically decrease.  

So everything is set in place.  My daughter will be here by this time next week.  I got a little emotional leaving my OB's office after scheduling the induction.  I wasn't scared or anxious, just overall emotional from the culmination of "This is it!  She's coming!"  This weekend, we're busy doing last minute things and preparing for incoming family.  We're also planning a last date night that involves a movie trip (Battleship) and a trip to Babies-R-Us to pick up last minute things.  I've also been busy putting things in the hospital bag, most of it we may not need.  The car seat is in the car, along with the essential Boppy.  

I'm excited to meet her, but I'm more scared and anxious right now.  I'm mentally putting on my game face and getting ready for what the labor process will be like (and how long it will take).  I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to handle it.  But at the same time I have no idea what to expect, so I'm hoping I surprise myself.  I just keep imagining that moment when the doctor says "She's almost here!" and I hear her first cry and we get to hold her, finally.  That moment is my trophy that I'm running towards. 


  1. Katie (@avisualtinkle)May 18, 2012 at 8:12 AM

    Congrats on your fantastic numbers and your "big healthy baby"!

  2. First, don't make any bets on the baby's weight. They were measuring L a solid pound heavier than the 6lbs 7oz she ended up being.

    Second, you're absolutely strong enough - you'll be surprised how much motherhood comes to you instinctively. When you work SO HARD to make a healthy baby, the other stuff seems like a walk in a park!

    Congrats on everything. I'll be thinking about you next week. Keep us posted!

  3. Oh Hurray!
    I got goose bumps reading this and I'm so excited for you. Have a great "birth day!"

  4. I cannot wait for you to meet this little bundle of joy! And of course letting us see pictures is always a bonus too. I am only a few weeks behind you in my pregnancy and I can completely relate to everything you've mentioned.
    You can do this and you're definitely strong enough (and then some actually). Way to go!

  5. congrats on the impending arrival of your baby girl! thanks for sharing so much of yourself here! all the best for a smooth delivery! :)

  6. Will be praying for a safe and uneventful delivery for you and the baby. Congratulations on entering this new stage of your lives.

  7. Congratulations! Will be praying it's a safe and wonderful experience for you all.

  8. Like Karen said, they aren't always accurate with the baby's weight. 2 days before I was induced they told me my son was weighing over 8 pounds (I'm a T1 and had A1C's in the low 5's my whole pregnancy too). He came out at 7 1/2 pounds! And like Karen said, motherhood just kicks in and kicks the fear out as soon as that baby in placed in your arms!
    I hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery and can't wait to hear all the details!!! Congratulations!

  9. We hope it goes well for you!

  10. I'll be praying for you, your husband and your baby girl! You are amazingly strong and will be an amazing have already proven that! Every day of your pregancy you have needed to be strong..the birth will just be you, being strong!
    And when you hold her in your arms, you will be so in love with her. It will all be worth every minute of it. God bless you!


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