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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling All Fingers

Ever since I was diagnosed, I've mainly used my middle and ring fingers for testing.  I use these fingers the least for normal, daily activities.  I also try to test on the sides of my fingers rather than the fingertips so it doesn't hurt as bad.  And I've actually got into the good habit of changing out my lancet once a week!  Every Monday morning, it's the first thing I do before I test. 

But lately I've been noticing that these fingers are not as willing to give up the blood.  Due to testing 6-8 times a day normally, "correcting" Constance when she alerts me of a high or low, and entering two tests at the beginning of a new sensor cycle, I'm testing a lot more.  All of this is great as far as diabetes management, but detrimental if I ever wanted to fulfill my dream of being a hand model (not really my dream, but just sayin').  Either way, my two (four) finger rotation wasn't cutting it for all these tests, even with testing on two sides. 

So, for awhile I've been bringing the pinky into the testing rotation.  I've always spared the pinky because . . . well . . . I feel sorry for it.  It's the tiniest of all the fingers and it's all the way on the far side of the hand.  It only has the ring finger to keep it warm, but it can be kind of a diva (especially the left one *wink*).  And inevitably, I always stick it out when I'm sipping on a drink; it doesn't matter what the drink is, either:  coffee, water, even beer, the pinky sticks out.  It actually drives Trey crazy, "Why are you sticking your pinky out?  You're not French!"  Like the French have copyrights on the pinky being out, only during tea time. 

Now the pinky is starting to look pitiful, so I have to bring in the other two fingers:  the index and thumb.  I really don't like testing on these fingers because it hurts.  Maybe I'm still getting used to using them for testing, but I also use these fingers for most of my daily activities.  I try to only use these fingers when all of my other fingers start looking like over-used pin cushions. 

So now I'm using all ten fingers for testing.  I look down at my hands, and all fingers have nice red spots on them from previous tests.  When I did my security clearance for my job, they took a digital scan of my fingers, and you could still see pricks on my fingers that looked like they healed.  In other words, my finger print actually changes everyday!  Who's ready to rob a bank with me?  =D 


  1. Hi Holly! I have been following your blog for a while now and really love your posts! Today's was a good one regarding our poor pin cushion fingers... My main issue with my fingers right now is calluses. I have about 3 that are pretty bad, from 12 years of testing. Do you (or does anybody else) have any recommendations on what to do to get rid of these things? They haven't gotten any better in months and I'm not testing near them anymore.

    And I hear ya on the hand model thing! Perhaps we could be hand models but refuse to flip the hand... no palm-side modeling for us haha

  2. My 10-year-old daughter was learning about fingerprints in science last month, at the same time she received her new tablet computer at school, which has the option for fingerprint password protection. She realized, as you said, that her fingerprints are constantly changing, so she decided she would just use the traditional password protection. Crazy!

  3. I've been testing for almost 11 years and I have to use all my fingers now (especially with all the testing of being pregnant)...and I can hardle use the sides of the fingers anymore. I have to use that horrible middle part where all the nerve endings are. I'd say my thumb is my fav finger to use, it's tough and it usually give an ample blood supply. :)


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