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Thursday, October 7, 2010

No D Day: Super Nerd!

Today is the day where we're not supposed to talk about it.  Not even mention it, not even on Twitter (what?!).  We're supposed to talk about what makes us who we are, apart from it.  So who exactly is Holly apart from it?

I . . . am . . . a . . . nerd!  Yep, that's right.  A bona-fide, tried and true, math-loving, physics-studying, weather-gazing, computer-programming GEEK!  I've always been like this.  In grade school, doing homework was fun to me.  I loved working on math problems because it was like a puzzle to me.  My favorite day in 3rd grade was when we started studying multiplication.  Then in 8th grade I started algebra (technically one grade earlier than I was supposed to), and letters were added to our math problems.  Then in high school I took trigonometry and calculus.  I even went to summer school between my junior and senior year ON PURPOSE just so I could take AP calculus in my last semester.  No one made me do any of this, my parents never had to make me do my homework.  I willingly took on extra math classes in order to prepare for my college major--physics! 

Luckily, I went to a college where being a geek was acceptable.  In fact, being one of very few females in my physics classes made me very popular.  (I was NOT used to this kind of attention.)  But I loved my classes!  One of the other reasons I love fall is because it is back to school season, but since I'm no longer living the student life I couldn't list that reason.  Being a physics major, I minored in math where I expanded beyond calculus and took differential equations and linear algebra.  My physics classes included the basic physics introductory classes plus fluid mechanics, relativity, and quantum mechanics.  In my senior year, I started taking my specialized courses in atmospheric science including dynamics, thermodynamics, radiation, cloud processes, satellite remote sensing, and tropical meteorology.

Presenting my thesis research at The American Meteorological Society annual conference.

In grad school, a new element to my nerdness entered the picture:  computer programming.  Basically, computer programming is like using a really fancy calculator that takes on much larger problems and can make pretty plots (at least for me, anyway).  Admittedly, it took me a good year to get a hold of computer programming until my satellite remote sensing course.  But now I feel like a programming wizard!  I like creating my own programs from scratch and seeing the results that are used in making decisions for the safety of future astronauts (whoa! heavy!).  But I love it!  Other than actually being an astronaut, I'm pretty sure I have the coolest job I could ever imagine. 

I also get to make spiffy GUIs like this one.

So that's it for No D Day.  Other than it, I'm a computer-programming, math-loving, GUI-creating super nerd.  But I have no clue how to change a light bulb . . . 

(That last part was a joke, I do know how to change a light bulb.  I was just trying to explain that my super-nerdiness sometimes outweighs my common sense.) 


  1. It's nice to learn a little more about you Holly. For the record, I don't think all this makes you a nerd at all. It all seems pretty cool (and impressive) to me. :)

  2. There are different breeds of Nerd out there, you are the good kind. :)

    thanks for sharing! I love reading these posts!

  3. Wear that nerd badge proudly, whoo! I loved saying GUI in my head over and over as I read this post. :)

  4. This is why I love #nodday :) Thanks for posting this!

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! Great post!

  6. Your flavor of math is way too complex for me, but I do like math. Lately, I've been kind of lazy, breaking out the calculator for stuff I ought to do in my head or on paper, but usually, I do make an effort to do old-school math. I figure it helps ameliorate the brain damage I incur from low blood sugars ;)

  7. Oh Lee Ann, don't be fooled. I've long forgotten how to do math in my head. That's the only disadvantage to having so much technology that does all the math for you (including pumps), you forget how to do basic math.

  8. I floated over here from the No D-Day blogroll....and this is so cool! I'm sad to confess that I totally don't have a head for math and physics, but your job really does sound awesome. It's great that you love it and that you're using your gifts!

  9. I just read this today, and my roommate in college was a meteorology major, so I have one question/phrase for you. You must speak Greek too?!


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