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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Freakin' Out!!!

I have a confession to make:  I'm not the most graceful, organized person (please contain your shock), especially when I'm stressed.  And when it comes to the devices of technology that I rely on to keep me alive, I am particularly anxious.  If one of them goes missing, I pretty much become a basket case. 

Yesterday I started a new project at work, which wouldn't be an incredibly stressful thing except I also had my first softball game yesterday.  So I was at a new place and out of my routine--something that diabetics thrive on.  I had already missed my afternoon snack, sending me low in the middle of a lab test, so I was already frazzled.  With 15 minutes left before I needed to leave, I went to the bathroom to change from my work clothes to my softball clothes. 

I was wearing a really pretty peasant dress yesterday that had no pockets.  Arnold was securely tucked away in my undergarments, but Constance would switch from my purse to my jacket pocket so I could keep an eye on her.  In my hurry to get dressed, I put Constance in my shorts pocket when my medical ID got caught on a loose string.  I pulled with one, swift jerking motion and *SNAP* the lobster clasp broke.  "Fantastic!" I sarcastically retorted.  I had this bracelet since my diagnosis, so it was bittersweet to know it was broken (even though it was still sporting my maiden name).  I threw my broken bracelet into my bag, threw my hair into a ponytail, and headed out to my car. 

I called Trey on the way, and he asked if I was going to eat before my game at 6 PM.  "I'm stopping at a gas station right now to get a candy bar or something."  I was about to get out of my car when I reached for Constance in my pocket . . . except she wasn't there!  "Nooooooo . . ." I whispered.  I immediately freaked!  I frantically started going through my gym bag, purse, jacket where she hung out most of the day.  I got out of the car and thoroughly inspected underneath the passenger and driver's seats.  I forgot the candy bar and jumped back in my car headed back to the lab where I just came from.

 I ran back to the lab the same way I came out, scanning the parking lot for my black-colored egg, starting my Easter celebrations early.  I went back to the bathroom where I got dressed and got on the floor looking for my trusty CGM.  I made 2 more loops around the parking lot (I considered this my "warming up" for the game) before giving up and deciding that my poor little CGM was lost somewhere in a dark place, crying and BEEEEEEEPing for me to find her.  I fell back in my car, exhausted and crying, I kept saying "No, no, no!!!" over and over. 

I was already considering making some of these. 

I immediately called Dexcom and inquired how much a new receiver would be.  They told me that since my receiver was still under warranty that I would only have to pay half of its normal value (just FYI if you've ever wondered).  I decided to wait on ordering another one because I'm not the greatest at finding things, especially when I'm running late/stressed/tears running down my face.  I told myself I would wait until I got home and Trey and I could take apart the car together. 

I parked at the softball fields, already running 10 minutes late, I decided to go through the car one. more. time.  I go through my gym bag, purse, and jacket on the passenger's side as well as looking underneath the seat (also note to self:  Holly, clean your car!  Pretty sure I interrupted some dust mites having dinner).  Then I go over to the driver's seat and looked between the seat and the center console . . . and there she was, neatly tucked between the seat belt clasp and the center console department.  I could barely see the familiar opening where the charger cable plugs into.  It was as if I put her there on purpose.  

I pushed my monstrous hands (yes, for a girl, I have big hands) pass the seat and grab my long-lost CGM and actually kissed it!  "Thank you!" I said as a prayer back to God for the many, many "Please help me find it!"s I said on the way to the ballpark.  I breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the field, contemplating using duct tape to tape the receiver to my leg.  Constance showed that I was 153 mg/dL headed straight up (hello, stress). 

So I ended up having a great game, including scoring a nice welt on my left leg from a slide.  I went home and Trey and I ordered me a new medical ID.  All the while I kept patting my pocket every 5 minutes seconds to make sure that Constance didn't decide to fall out again. 


  1. I well know that panic, especially these days, where forgetfullness/losing things/pregnancy all go hand-in-hand.
    Glad you found it!!! :-)

  2. Been there - freaked out just like that!

    I was actually at a CWD event. I went to check my bg and reached into my purse. I was completely out of strips, so (shh!) I was going to dose off my Dex... which was not in my purse either!

    Thankful Scott J walked me back to my car where my Dex was sitting nicely in the door handle (perfect location for road trips). I was such a great example to the children with diabetes at the event! :P

  3. I freaked out right along with you, just reading that! Talk about a panic attack. I'm so glad you found her!! :)

  4. Wow, that's scary!!!!! This stuff is so so important to our D-day . . . not to mention so so expensive. Glad Constance was just playing a little hide & seek and hadn't run away from home!!

  5. I've had similar experiences, and the cracks between the car seat and console/seat belt/weird hard pieces of the bottom of the seat are prime suspects for where Dex has gracefully seated himself. Deep's so stressful. I've considered putting a sticker w/ contact info on him, but don't want to cover up the Dexcom info on his back. (Not to mention, he wouldn't need said sticker if he's hanging in my car by himself!) Sigh. I'm getting all keyed up just reading and typing about this. SO GLAD you found Constance!!

  6. I think losing Constance, or Dexter in my case, is the WORST feeling in the world. I feel so so so naked and blind. And then I get raging mad about the hundreds of dollars it will cost for Dexter II. Thankfully I am still on Dexter I, but I will admit to finding him in some VERY odd places. Like the freezer. The glovebox (?). And one time I tore apart the house in tears (post-partem) only to find him hanging out in my pocket. Talk about feeling like the world's #1 moron. But I'm so glad you found Constance safe and sound! And the best part is, she was right next to you the entire time so when you found her, you had all of your readings!

  7. Love this anecdote, but so sorry it happened to you. The other morning, I couldn't find my Dex, and I thought Devil Dog ate it. LOL. (And by the way, that's totally believable - she eats metal and plastic). Anyway, it was in the bathroom. Apparently, I put there in the middle of the night when I was sleeping -- which I don't remember. Haha. So glad you found it! Especially before the game!


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