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Monday, April 4, 2011

Relaxing on the Weekend

Managing diabetes is best done on a consistent routine.  As such, I'm very diligent about my diabetes management during the week.  I eat the same thing for breakfast almost everyday, and it's easy for me to count my carbs using my handy dandy MFP app.  I also have an accommodating job that allows me to hear Constance and test whenever I need to.  Barring some 2-hour long meeting or the random tornado warning that sends the entire office down into the basement (like maybe today?), diabetes and me work well during the week.

However, the weekend is a totally different story.  My weekends start as soon as I leave the office on Friday afternoons, because we usually go out to dinner with friends.  Then, on Saturdays we hang out around the house, consuming a big breakfast and 2 pots of coffee while watching some home remodeling shows.  If we don't have any immediate plans, I will spend a few hours cleaning the house, so there's some exercise.  I try to be diligent about testing at least before meals, but I admit I rely on Constance to alert me to a high or a low.  On Sundays, we head to church, have lunch, and I spend the afternoon doing laundry and getting ready for another week.  Again, I test before each meal, but I forget to check 2 hours later to see if I'm still in-range.  This is pretty much my routine for every weekend we are in town.  And if we happen to go out of town to visit family or family comes to us, then diabetes management all but goes out the window. 

This is something I'm trying to nip in the bud, especially since I'm planning for pregnancy and I can't take a break on the weekends with a little bud growing inside of me.  I'm pretty sure if you did an average of my BG readings per day of the week, it would be around 120 mg/dL on Wednesdays and 180 mg/dL on Saturdays.  If you take the average of these weighted by the day of the week (cuz I'm a math nerd), that gives me an average of 137 mg/dL.  I'm either going to have to lower my average during the week (which I don't want to do, especially since I've got the exercise thing going on), or try to wrangle in these weekend numbers. 

I've tried to do some things like increasing my protein intake for those big Saturday morning breakfasts or having a lighter lunch in preparation for the larger dinners.  I'm also trying to sneak in an exercise session on Sunday afternoons like bike riding or walking the dogs, something that I enjoy that's not as intense as my exercises during the week.  This past weekend, I was getting really frustrated with seeing my 24 hour line hanging out around my 180 mg/dL threshold that I thought I had a bad site or bad insulin.  But this morning I woke up at 133 mg/dL and dropped to 60 mg/dL by the time I got to work.  Nope, it wasn't a bad site or bad insulin, just bad diabetes management or what I like to call "User Error." 

"I'll be right here if you need me." 


  1. True enough, weekends are trickier than the rest of the week. I wish my pump knew the day of the week. I used to have a separate pattern for the weekend but kept forgetting to change patterns.

  2. Keep up the good work! (Referring to your previous post as well)! I loved walking the dogs this weekend and hope we can do it again soon!

  3. I have the same issue, and usually I sleep in on weekends and go out to eat too so my numbers are all over the place. Wish I had advice, if you get any let me know!

  4. yep, weekends can be a pain! though, i find so long as you keep one thing the same it works ok, like the same food, same wakeup time, same exercise - then at least one variable remains the same... not ideal, but something worth considering if you want even numbers?

    that, or like Jeff says, a different pattern for these days would work (although i never remember to change patterns, ever!


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