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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This past weekend, my husband and I took advantage of the long, cool weekend and went camping. For us, camping means sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire or a propane-fueled grill. It was the perfect weather with cool 30 degree nights and calm 70 degree days.

Each day we took a hike through the beautiful scenery. The first day was only a 1.5 mile walk that left me at 38 mg/dL and draining a can of lemon-lime soda. The second day we planned for a 3.5 mile hike, so I did a little more pre-planning before the walk. I disconnected my pump completely about 30 minutes before the hike and packed some granola bars and glucose tabs to have just in case.

About halfway through our hike, we found this ginormous oak tree! Pretty sure it was the biggest tree I've seen in real life.  Trey got a picture of me at its base for a nice perspective. 

Biggest Tree Evah!  by Arnold_and_Me

Holy Oak Tree!!!

At this time, we took a break to split a granola bar and a mini-bag of pretzels. Still un-pumped, we continued our walk back to camp. By the time we got back, I had been disconnected for over 2 hours, with a granola bar and a handful of pretzels, and my blood sugar was 133 mg/dL. Seeing that number was almost as beautiful as the fall leaves. Almost.

There were some scary moments during the trip, too. Like getting my first ever "TEMPERATURE WARNING" on my meter after the first night of 30 degree temps. I had to keep my meter in my jacket pocket so it would keep warm. There was also the time I woke up drenched in sweat (at 31 F, that's a cool wake up) and finished off my jar of raspberry glucose tabs and a bar of chocolate that was reserved for smores. I woke up later at 95 mg/dL, thankful that I decided against bolusing for the chocolate bar.

Camping also seemed to agree with my pregnancy symptoms, or lack thereof during the trip. The relaxing atmosphere and fresh air pretty much ceased my nausea and fatigue. If I could live in the woods for the rest of my pregnancy, I would. So long as there's a fire.


  1. That is a wonderful tree!!! I want to climb it! So glad you had a good trip!!!

  2. What a nice trip! I miss camping.


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