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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twelve Weeks

Yesterday, I had my 12 week appointment with my OB.  I'm beginning to think I need to check out some apartments behind the doctor's building, seeing as how I will be living there soon.  We kicked things off by taking a look at our baby on the ultrasound.  He or she was doing great in there!  Their heart was fluttering away at 154 bpm, and they are measuring a little ahead for the size of a normal 12 week baby, which means they are probably taking after their 6'3" daddy.  Their size is strictly related to its length, not girth.  And has nothing to do with diabetes.  ;-) 

Next, I had to get my blood pressure taken and give samples (urine and blood) for testing for protein and baby-related stuff.  My blood pressure was a little high (not officially high, but just higher than normal), but I attribute that to white coat syndrome and the fact that they took FOUR (count 'em, 1-2-3-4) vials of blood from me.  Even though I'm diabetic, I hate LOATHE having blood drawn.  I don't know what it is, but the whole feeling of having a needle sticking in my vein makes my skin crawl.  I just sit there, my head turned and my eyes closed and try not to think about the needle getting loose and my blood spraying all over the nurse and the walls.  By the time the nurse was done, my whole body was shaking from the experience and the sight of 4 vials on the table.  

The final thing was the state-mandated vaginal swab for chlamydia and gonorrhea.  I understand it's something that they have to do, but there's something funny about having my husband sitting in the chair next to me and getting tested for STDs.  I think I was getting a little drained (literally) from the appointment, because while we were waiting on the doctor to come in, I started getting low.  I wonder how many other patients have sat on the same table, pants-less with a paper skirt, while chewing on tropical fruit glucose tablets.  Probably not very many. 

The doctor came in and we discussed my good ultrasound and my BP reading.  I explained that whenever I test my BP on my own that it's never that high and that it must be a doctor thing because I always get nervous at my appointments, to which my doctor said, "Yeah, stupid doctors."  He said he's not concerned about it at this point, but he would keep an eye on it for sure.  He was more elated with my last A1c (5.5%) and said that was the best thing I can do for a good pregnancy.  He said I was his healthiest diabetic pregnant patient in his office--I guess that's an award to be happy about.  We briefly discussed me getting to keep my pump on during labor, even thought that's a lifetime away at this point.  But he said he's more comfortable with my pump than an insulin drip.  +1 for the good doctor. 

I received a goodie bag with all the information about the maternity centers at each hospital and several baby magazines.  It was like a "Welcome to the 2nd Trimester" club package.  We scheduled my next appointment for 2 weeks before Christmas (holy cow, where has this year gone?!)  and I went to refill my blood supply with a steak burrito.  

Now that I'm about to enter the 2nd trimester, that means my expansion is coming on quick.  My pants are getting tighter and trying to button them requires some effort.  I feel like I'm walking around with a bloated, post-Thanksgiving dinner belly.  My engineering husband has taken on the project of measuring the outward growth of my belly on the baby's unpainted bedroom wall.  I've grown a half inch in one month, which surprised me for some reason.  The growth of my belly is a lot more progressive than I thought.  I'll find myself rubbing my belly at random times, which I'm sure is puzzling to strangers in the grocery store. 

Yeah, don't make fun of the pants.  They have pockets, hence their functionality. 
Besides the vampire nurses and feeling like a glorified lab rat, I feel absolutely blessed right now!  This is my favorite time of year with the holidays right around the corner and enjoying the food, family, and friendships.  And the other day I got a little teary eyed about doing it all next year with a baby on my hip.  And the fact that we'll have to buy another stocking to go on the chimney.    

I'd thought I'd end this post will a little photo of Ferbie.  Right now it looks like a little alien, teddy graham baby, but they look cute to me! 

"Hello there, DOC!"


  1. Hi Ferbie! It's so nice to see you!

  2. OK, so I know I just saw you, but yay!! I love reading all this and hearing about it all! I can't wait to meet Ferbie!!

  3. Hi baby!

    You are cute but your eye sockets scare me a little! :)

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