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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rookie Mistake

I'm afraid of lows.  I'm so afraid of lows that I sometimes will eat something and not bolus, only to find I'm sky high 2 hours later.  Such was the case yesterday. 

Less than two hours after my lunch of a PB sammich, Sun chips, and a Babybel, my eyes were feeling dizzy and I could barely read the words on my computer.  I had a colleague coming to help me set up some executable files, so I did a quick test:  72.  Not low, but I felt low.  So I reached into my desk and pulled out a grape Juicy Juice, 16 g of quick carby goodness.  Shortly afterwards my colleague came in and helped me get set up on my new project.  Thirty minutes later he leaves and I test again:  126.  "That shouldn't have happened," I thought.  "I didn't over bolus for food . . . did I?" 

Around 3:00 PM, I decide to have my afternoon snack--Fiber One oats and chocolate bar, yum.  However, fearing a low later before my 5:30 PM softball game, I decide not to bolus.  Stupid stupid stupid!  "It would only be 2 units, how high could I go?  Should help before my game, too."  Rookie mistake. 

I arrive at the field at 5:00 PM dressed and ready to warm up.  I test before I get out of my SUV:  213!  "I'm sorry," I actually said to Arnold.  I know better than this.  I know it's better to bolus and THEN disconnect before a game.  I was torn on what to do next.  "Do I correct and risk a low during the game?  Should I not worry about it and try to exercise it out?  But that might mean I can't drink my G2, and I still need some hydration."  I decide to correct and immediately disconnect, a good 10 minutes before I start to really exert myself. 

I worried about going low, so I kept a mental check on how I felt after each inning.  However, the excitement of the game made me completely forgot about going low (it was a tight game that we lost in the last inning, boo!).  I barely drank half of my G2 before I get back in my SUV and test:  131.  *sigh of relief* 

I didn't go low, but I very well could have.  It was a rookie mistake to not bolus that far before a game, and I knew it.  I know better than that.  So why did I do it?  Because I fear lows, and always will. 

Hey, even pros make mistakes, right?  And I'm still in the minor leagues here. 


  1. I don't know, it kind of sounds to me like you had fantastic control over the situation. You're being too hard on yourself!

    Yes, you could have gone lower or higher, but sometimes you have to take a break from the "what if"s. Save those for when you hit 400. :)

  2. @badpancreas: Thanks, I tend to be my worst critic when it comes to these things. Naturally pessimistic, I guess.

    Diabetes is so finicky. It could have gone either way yesterday, high or low. Worrying about this disease is gonna make me go loony.

  3. Don't worry Holly!! That's the thing about the D, we just learn what we can and apply it the next time the situation pops up!

  4. Rookie mistake??? Not really. How about "just being human". Lows can be scary - especially during a game. Instead, congratulate yourself for taking the correction, disconnecting and ended up at 131. Great job!!


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