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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday (Thursday) Five: 27 May 2010

Since we're leaving tonight to head to south Alabama for the Memorial Day weekend, today is technicall my "Friday".  So here's a Thursday edition of the Friday Five: 

1.  Lee Dewyze won over fellow type 1 diabetic Crystal Bowersox last night in the American Idol Season 9 Finale.  Honestly, I thought Crystal was more talented, but Simon had it right when he said to Lee, "You are the type of person this show was made for."  Crystal has the experience and the motivation with being a single mom, so whether it was American Idol or some other way she would have found a break eventually.  I would probably buy a Lee album over a Crystal album because I tend to like guys with that gruffy, scratcy, sounds-like-they-smoked-for-too-long voice like the lead singers from Hinder and Skillet (I realize they are completely different genres, adult rock & contemporary christian, but they sound similar). 

2.  We bought an automatic litter box, the Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box.  I placed this in our house remodeling budget because, to me, it is definitely an improvement for the house.  First of all, it uses crystals, not litter--so no worrying about the litter getting clogged in the machine.  We have a problem with Elvis not peeing in different places in a litter box, so his paws would get caked in moist, clay-like litter clumps that he would track all over the house (too gross & TMI? maybe) leaving little gray footprints all over our dark floors.  But no more!  Plus the crystals are designed to last 10-15 days with two cats, but with our cats it will be more like a week.  So, we can take extra long weekend trips without worrying about someone cleaning their litter box (which, if you have, it's like handling toxic waste, so Thank you, Jessica!  For the many many times you endured this.)  I don't know why I'm so excited about this little machine, but I am!      

 Yay!  =D
3.  I got my hair cut!  Not much shorter and still the same style (via Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama or Alice from Twilight, take your pick).  I usually grow my hair out for Locks of Love once every 2 years, but with my new "big girl job" I feel more inclined to keep it professional looking at all times. 

4.  I think I've succumbed to the fact that my endo won't sign my letter of medical necessity for my Dexcom until my appointment in June.  I hate that, but it's my best time to have one-on-one access to him.  But once it's here, I will be giddy. 

5.  I got a new box of pump supplies this week.  Chris has talked about experiencing "Diabetic Christmas" when a new box of supplies come in.  I feel the exact same way when I saw that Medtronic box on the dining room table.  Also (I guess this could be #6, but I think Kerri has rights on "Friday Six"), I picked up insulin yesterday using our medical FSA (flexible spending account) card.  I noticed there were some things in the pharmacy section that had a green "FSA" sticker on their price tag, meaning an FSA card would pay for them.  I wanted to pick up more sugar tablets before our trip, so I looked and the green FSA tag was on the raspberry (my flavor of choice) and sour apple, but not the orange.  What?!  It's deemed medically accessible to have raspberry and sour apple sugar tablets, but not orange.  Poor orange, first it gets confused as a color and now this. 

I still matter, right?  

Have a great & safe weekend, everybody! 

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