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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, is This Thing On?

I think Dexcom might be on to me.  *looks over shoulder*  You see, I was able to extend a lot of my sensors beyond their 7-day standard life to 10 days up to 19 days.  This delayed me ordering another shipment for almost 2 months.  So I think they secretly programmed all of my new sensors to die exactly on day 7 so that doesn't happen again. 

I'm almost done with the first of 4 boxes of my latest Dexcom shipment, and each of those sensors have lasted 7-8 days and no more.  My last sensor got the pink slip after it failed to alert me to a 35 mg/dL low and my current sensor started giving me "Sensor Failed" after I restarted it after its first 7 days. 

My diligence to try to extend my sensors has only led frustration and lack of valid data for 10 of the past 24 hours.  After 2 hours of "???" post-dinner, I was about to change out the sensor before bed.  But it came back to life for 30 minutes.  When I gave it my bedtime BG test, it responded with "Sensor Error #1", which standard protocol calls to wait one hour and try recalibrating.  Not willing to stay up for another hour, I simply turned off the receiver with intentions to try to recalibrate it the next morning. 

I turned the receiver back on and gave it my morning BG reading, and again I got "Sensor Error #1".  "Fine!  Die on me on Day 8!  See if I care!"  So I pulled the sensor out and put a new on post-shower (so it was half a free shower day).  Two and a half hours later, it prompted me for my 2 BG readings. 


I really don't like when I don't have a CGM overnight, but luckily my BG behaved.  I know I shouldn't get upset about my sensors doing exactly what they're supposed to do--lasting 7 days.  But the frugal side of me still wants to make these things last as long as possible. 

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