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Friday, March 4, 2011

Spinning? Insane!

So I bit the bullet yesterday and attended the spinning class I talked about.  I was actually nervous all day about it, checking Constance to make sure I was going to be at a good number before the class, and taking mental notes about my knee.  I had done some lunges the night before, and my knee was (not) thanking me for it.  But I decided I was at least going to try. 

I get to the gym and take a number for a bike; apparently, you have to reserve a spot for this class.  Another guy took a number for the class, and asked me if it was my first time.  "Yeah," I said sheepishly.  Well, the very nice gentleman gave me the run down on the bikes, how to adjust my seat, and how nice the instructor was.  "If you haven't warmed up your legs yet, I'd suggest doing so.  This class can get pretty intense," he advised.  "Thanks, but I just warmed up by doing the half-mile trail outside."  Before this, I had disconnected from Arnold in order to be "unplugged" for an hour by the time the class started.  I didn't want to take any chances of going low.  I checked my blood sugar before the class:  135 mg/dL--perfect, a little high but not crazy.  And I had Constance neatly tucked into a thigh holster I had purchased for my wedding

Apparently my pump and CGM are the same size in spandex. 

The instructor was running late, so the rest of the class members just started pedaling at their own pace as a warm-up.  I followed suit, making sure my feet were properly strapped in.  The instructor finally shows up, and the nice gentleman who helped me pointed me out to her as "We have a new person!"  Greaaaaaat, nothing like calling me out to the whole class to make me feel welcome.  She welcomes me and proceeds to tell me that my seat is too low.  We adjust my seat together, and she takes her spot at the front of the class. 

Now, anytime I've ever seen a spinning class on TV, I've always imagined a very sweaty Nazi-type lady with a perfect physique welling at everyone, "Faster!"  Turns out the devil wasn't the trainer (she was very nice), it was that stupid resistance knob!  After we warmed up, the instructor told us "Half a turn" and we would pick up the pace, standing on the bike, sprinting like our life depended on it.  My legs felt like they were on fire!  I honestly felt like stopping at one point, then the instructor said, "Twenty more seconds, all you've got!"  I thought, "I can do 20 more seconds."  I used that mindset the whole class when I felt like it was getting to be too much, "Just keep going, a few more seconds." 

We ended the class doing "jumps", which means anytime the instructor said "Up!" we had to stand up on our bike and pedal like a gazelle until she said, "Down!"  I wasn't as quick with my "jumps" as the other class members, but I held my own.  We did these jumps for about 5 minutes, then ended the class with the lowest resistance and a "nice leisurely stroll through the countryside" as my instructor said.  I kept a water bottle close at hand during the class, but I had my little bag of glucose tabs and mini meter behind my bike, just in case.  I check my blood sugar at the end of the class:  104 mg/dL!  I decided to remain unconnected for the drive home, in case my BG decided to take a nose dive after such an aerobic workout.  My knee never gave me any trouble, either, so no worries there. 

And what better way to arrive home than to my hubby making smoked salmon in the new grill for one of my favorite low-carb meals:  Salmon Caesar Salad.  And according to myfitnesspal, I burned 374 calories during my spinning class, which earned me the right to cheesecake after dinner in order to make my minimum calories for the day.  Yum! 

Oh yeah, and thank you guys so much for all the support after my Overwhelmed post.  I've realized that it's probably not just my weight that's contributing to my blood pressure problems, but also my stressful lifestyle.  I need to get out and do things that are fun, more than worrying about burning calories.  And as much as I liked the spinning class, I'm looking forward to hitting the trails again (maybe this weekend). 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Good job Holly! :)

  2. YAY for trying new things, especially for new things that enable calorically recommended cheesecake consumption!

  3. That's fantastic Holly! I only went to one spin class and it kicked my booty! Keep up the good work!


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