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Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I have this idea . . .

Ever since I came up with the term no-hitter in regards to going 24 hours without an alarm on a CGM, I've had a bunch of hits on that post.  I've seen the term show up in a lot of places, and it's made me proud to see that.  And since the term refers to baseball (and it's opening day), I've decided to create the No-Hitter Hall of Fame

The idea is pretty simple:  let's post our no-hitters in one place as a place of encouragement and honor.  Include your name, date of your no-hitter, your personal high/low thresholds, and what you were doing on the day of your no-hitter (like "eating salad all day and doing nothing" or "ate pizza then ran a 5K").  Very rarely do we get medals for "winning" at diabetes (unless you've been living with it more than 50 years, and I've got very long to go before that), and what better way to feel like a winner than to be part of a hall of fame?!

You can email me your no-hitter at arnoldandme at gmail dot com.  So far I've added mine and Stacey's no-hitter, and I would love to get more! 


  1. Ha! Great idea! Are there standards for the ranges? Just need to know the "rules." And also, since baseball season starts today, is there a "perfect game" range?

  2. @Marcus: No rules, really. Everybody treats their diabetes differently, so one person's ranges are different than another's. Whatever you consider your "high" or "low" is what you should use. As far as a "perfect game", Dexcom treats "in-range" as 80-130 mg/dL. So if you can go 24 hours in that range, you will get the perfect game badge. And I will bow at your feet and ask how you did that?! =)

  3. I love this idea. If I ever manage to get a no-hitter, you can bet I'll be submitting it. Actually, I WILL get a no-hitter - you've inspired me to try really really hard to get one!


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