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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Gun Show

This past weekend, Trey and I were scheduled to go to a cookout/pool party for one of our friends who graduated from college.  It was a blast!  We hung out in the pool, then the hot tub because the pool was too cold, played jeopardy of the graduate's life (don't ask, but it was so much fun!), ate burgers and vidalia onions, and shot potatoes out of a potato gun into a horse field.  Just a typical summer night in Alabama. 

The morning before the cookout, I was scheduled to change my pump and CGM site (yay! free shower!).  So, I considered our upcoming activities and decided to try putting both sites on my arms.  I didn't have great success with my last arm CGM site due to a gusher that led to the tape peeling long before it should, and I recently acquired some 4' long pump tubing for my Minimed from someone who switched to the Omnipod.

I had always wanted to try a pump site on my arm but the 2' tubing I am used to would have me clipping the pump to my bra on my back, and without a remote to my pump bolusing would have required some intense yoga and flexibility training.  But with the 4' tubing, I am able to put the site on my arm and have the tube go down my back, through my bra which holds it in place on my back and shoulder, and still have my pump easily accessible in my pocket. 

The only issue with choosing to put both sites on my arms is that everyone gets a free ticket to the diabetes gun show for the next 3 (pump) and 7 (CGM) days.  I've already had several coworkers ask me if something was wrong with my arm, so it's led to explaining what each piece of technology is and what they're used for.  But I'm happy to explain their uses, especially at my work place which is a place that thrives on new and exciting technology.

Gun Show Right Arm:  CGM Sensor (This was really awkward to put on with my left hand when I'm 100% a rightie, but I did it.)

Gun Show Left Arm:  Pump Site

As much I'm loving having the pump site on my arm, I think I will save all my 4' tubing for the upcoming (hopefully soon!) cooler months.  This new site will be a great addition to the necessary rotation for pump site real estate.  My poor stomach is also thankful for this break.  For the first time in the almost 3 years I've been pumping, my midsection actually looks like a nice, normal view of curvyness and a belly button. 


  1. I'm ashamed to say that I have never even tried to venture away from my stomach area for pump sites. You're giving me the courage to try!

  2. Wow, I've never put them on the sides of my arms like that. I always put it on the back of my arm. I've worn my Omnipod on the back of my arm too. It does look pretty crazy, I can understand why people stare at me. :)

  3. I'm wicked impressed - I've only tried my arms once (a BAD idea with the MM CGM), but it was harder than heck to reach them. Amazing! Now I just need the guts to try it myself. Might be using my husband, like I do now for my lower back Dexcom sites....

  4. @Karen: I thought I was going to have to call Trey in there when I was trying to take the inserter out of the sensor. You have to squeeze these little releasers and my left arm wasn't strong enough to do that and pull the interter out and keep the tape on my skin. *sigh* It wasn't my most graceful moment but I somehow managed to keep it all on there. LOL! =P

  5. I love seeing where other people place their sites. For example, when I use my arm, I put my insfusion set more below the arm (where that jiggly waving stuff is) and I see that you put yours more toward the side than on the bottom. That gives me ideas to try more sites, further than where I would normally wear it. Great post Holly Girl! Sorry for running off like that on FBook the other day, I didn't want to be lectured on studying!!

  6. @Brenda: No worries, I would do the same to Trey because he's in grad school. No time for chit-chat, study study study! LOL! =P

    I didn't really think about where on my arm the site would go. I just put my arm over my knee cap and "rolled" my fat so that I could get a nice, flat surface (gah! that sounds so gross when I say it like that.). I also wanted to be able to take my site cap off easily with doing some weird contortions. =)

  7. Holly,
    You mentioning the MiniMed bolusing remote made me think about the fact that I bought one when I ordered my first pump years ago. I may have used the remote all of twice. I now use the OmniPod pump. I would be happy to give you the remote if you think you would ever use it. It probably needs a new battery. I'm assuming that the keyfob style ones MiniMed made back then still work with whatever upgrades have happened. If you are interested send me an email at

    Also, I started on the Dexcom 7 Plus today. I opened your blog tonight to read more about your first days with Constance.

    Good luck with the pharmacy and rx for test strips. I went through that too and finally just started doing mail order so I get three months at once and have to deal with refills less often. My copay is also slightly less that way, so more sanity and money are always good things.

    Thanks for blogging,


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