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Friday, August 13, 2010

Showing the Love: 13 August 2010 Friday Five

Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of the Friday Five!  Today I'm staying indoors and avoiding black cats, ladders, and clowns (there's no superstition about clowns, I just don't like them).  But what I would like to do for this Friday Five post is to give a shout out to several other blog posts (D and non-D) that have been awesome this week. 

One of the things I'm learning through this whole bloggy experience is that it connects people on so many levels.  I honestly thought this experience would put us all behind a computer screen with no real connection.  But I'm definitely finding that's not the case.  It's already led to a coffee meet up with a fellow tweeter.  I love all my fellow bloggers, you guys are all my friends. 

  1. Kerri's post on people who need people are people with diabetes really resonated with me.  When I was first diagnosed, I perused the message boards of the ADA to get some emotional support and answers.  Then I met Nerdy April at summer camp and she introduced me to the pump.  And I've met so many other people (in real life and virtually) who have made me feel not alone in this diabetes world. 
  2. Jacquie is a fellow beer lover and D-blogger who gives a bunch of shout outs to other D-bloggers who have inspired her (check me out at #9).  I love that we all have one thing in common (diabetes) but we're all so different that we can be known by the beer lover, or the gamer, or the ninja, or the one who names her inanimate objects
  3. Chris and I got into a metaphorical baseball-CGM challenge from my No Hitter post.  He gave me a shout out on his next post on waiting for the other shoe to drop.  By the way, I'm still waiting on my no-hitter, but I will definitely post when I do!   
  4. Two fellow friends of mine closed on houses this week:  April & Jessica!  Congratulations, ladies!  Welcome to the world of homeownership and "Hey, what's that smell?" syndrome.  
  5. And I love Sarah's vlog post on using the Animas Ping meter to bolus.  I also love her accent!  A true, southern accent is a thing of beauty, and everyone should go listen to her beautiful voice and appreciate it. 
Well, I'm off to enjoy the weekend which includes a pool party and cookout.  Sweet!   Only 3 more weeks until college football! 


  1. Hooray! I'm going to go watch Sarah's post right now. I love southern accents, and even though I'm in FL I feel like I don't get enough of them (everyone here is from NY and NJ, anyway).

  2. I have been so nutty (like crazy, not like a Payday candy bar) this week that I have not seen her vlog but I LOOOOOVVEE her accent. I have a stupid Southern Californian accent that makes me sound like Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. Not enjoyable at all. Oh well.

    Um, there are not superstitions about Clowns because clowns are the spawn of all that is evil! black cats are nice when they don't cross your path.
    I would run over a clown if it crossed my path. then I would back over it again JUST to be sure you know? LOL

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Yay for football season...and great blogs!
    Thanks for posting!
    Have a great weekend.


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