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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Five: 6 August 2010

Welcome to another HAWT edition of Friday Five.  I say this because the average high this week has been over 100 F!  Ugh!  This edition of friday five is very random, it goes from meatloaf to dinner parties to football.  Yeah, my mind is all over the place . . .

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the peeps who volunteered to guest post for me while I'm going to be gone on my beach vacation.  I received all the volunteers I needed within a day, and even some extra reserved for my next vacation (which, this is our first true "vacation" in 2 years, I hope this is not the same for my next vacation).  I look forward to seeing what you're all going to post here at A&M!  And maybe I should go ahead and plan another vacation for those who also wanted to but can't this time?  ;-)  
  2. Who doesn't like meatloaf, honestly?!  I have been perplexed by this notion over the past two days because I was planning a meatloaf dinner, then came to find out my guests are not big fans of the stuff.  No biggie, they still tried it and liked MY meatloaf, but who doesn't like meatloaf in general?!  I figured it was like hamburgers, or pizza, something that you'd have to be un-American to not like.  Guess I learned something new . . . 
  3. I got into a conversation with someone online this week about being diabetic and having someone prepare a meal around that.  Personally, if someone makes a low carb meal for me, I would be appreciative.  But if they ask me beforehand if I would rather have chicken breasts or spaghetti, I would say SPAGHETTI!  I just don't think anyone planning a dinner party should cater (pun!) to my disease for everyone else.  I feel like it points me and D out.  "Look, we're eating chicken and broccoli because of . . . HER!!!  *fingers pointing*"  What do you guys think?  I would never ask a host to prepare a low carb meal just because I'm going to be there.  I can choose not to take a second roll or something, but that's my choice. Meh.
  4. Only 4 more weeks until college football starts.  Yesssssssssss!!!  I'm so ready for it, not just football, but fall (see above about it being HAWT).  I'm ready for cool, refreshing weather, autumn leaves, and chili in a crockpot when I walk in the door.  
  5. And Trey's and my 2nd anniversary is in 17 days (thank you, Facebook).  I really can't believe it's been 2 years already.  This time two years ago I was making last minute checks on everything and trying not to freak out.  And this time last year we were getting ready to go look for houses.  And what are we doing this year?  I have no idea, just trying to keep up with life I guess.  =P  
Have a great weekend everyone.  Stay cool!  B-)  

1 comment:

  1. 5.) AWWW Happy 2 years to you and Trey! so sweet. :)

    4.) I really LOVE fall too! It is by far my favorite season. Maybe because Matt and I started dating in the fall. I love the smell of autumn nights and the cool weather, the colors, hot coffee, EVERYTHING! But...I know nothing about college football. :(

    3.)I never expect anyone to cook low carb for me. My momma will try sometimes, but she just loves rice sooo much! I don't think we should ruin the fun for everyone cuz we have the D!! :)

    2.)I used to hate meatloaf, then Matt asked me to make it and I googled it, cooked it, ate it and loved it. Now its a staple (well it kind of has to be since I am not really skilled when it comes to cooking...)

    1.) I made my way to yahoo to send you an email the other day for the Guest Blogging but must have gotten distracted because I looked in my outbox and I never sent anything! Next time you can count on me for sure!! :)

    Have a good weekend Holly Girl!


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