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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As if I Need a Reminder

The past few days have been relatively quiet on the diabetes front.  If I've had any highs, they've only skimmed my threshold before immediately going back down.  And if I've had any lows, they were mid-70s lows that a few sips on my low juice of choice quickly corrected.  This even included some SWAG bolusing.  I was beginning to feel very proud of myself, that I had conquered this diabetes thing. 

But then last night gave me a stiff reminder that yep, I still have diabetes.  I went out to a girls' night, wine and cheese party/Christmas gift exchange.  There were 6 different kinds of cheese and 4 different kinds of wine (I sampled 3).  It was a great night of laughing and hanging out (and keeping two almost 1-year-olds from tearing every ornament off of the tree).  I gained a bag of lavender bath stuff, which is perfect for de-stressing during the holidays.

I bolused for all the crackers that came with the cheeses, and a British cake dessert that I've never heard of before but was delicious.  When I tested before bed, I was 85 mg/dL and dropping.  So I ate a banana and slipped into bed.  But I completely forgot that alcohol does a rollercoaster on my numbers.  I had conquered the pizza/beer super bolus, but wine is a completely different story.  See example:

Yep, still have diabetes. 

I was woken up at 1 AM to a high alarm of 355 mg/dL and going up.  A test confirmed I was 315 mg/dL.  Lovely.  I took a correction and tried to get back to sleep.  Well, I've been noticing that a correction in the middle of the night is different than a correction in the middle of the day.  If I correct in the middle of the night, I always wake up low.  And this morning I woke up at 70 mg/dL (need to adjust my correction factor for nighttime).  I sipped some cranberry juice before my shower, trying to decipher if the shakes I felt were from my dropping blood sugar or the cold. 

Nothing like a night of wine and cheese to remind me I still have diabetes. 


  1. What was the dessert like? I'm British, I might be able to put a name to it :)

  2. It sounds like you had quite the diabetes rollercoaster ride and I hope your feeling better now!

  3. @Siobhan: It was more like a mousse pie that had chocolate and bananas in it. The host told me the name but I forgot, she said it was a British cake recipe.

  4. I have that same issue with overnight correction factors and I think it's mean of diabetes to put us in a situation where we have to think harder in the middle of the night!!

  5. It still looks to me like you have things mastered. With the variables you had and the way that high came down instead of persisting - I think that's great. Though I am sorry about how that low made you feel. I hope you had a fun girls' night!


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