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Friday, December 3, 2010

Lost in Translation

Yep, it's Friday!  And I am so drained from this week.  I don't know if it's been because of the cold weather or the persistent lows I've been having, but all I want to do is climb into my bed (which now has 3 blankets on it plus an electric blanket, I'm a wuss) and sleep.  However, I did have the energy to put up the Christmas tree last night!  Pictures will come soon after we finish decorating the rest of the house.

So what gets me through an intense week?  Why funny videos of cat translation, of course!  (P.S.  The cat in the second video kind of reminds me of a skinny Abby, right Kerri?)  Enjoy!

Patty Cake.  PATTY CAKE!!!!!

I apologize for the language, but I this cracks me up everytime.  Plus I'm a sucker for English accents. 

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  1. You have me cracking up over here!! (And I'm not really a cat person), but these are hysterical!


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