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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So what is my motivation for staying healthy with diabetes?  What is my drive to keep my blood sugars in a normal range?  Is it having a long life and marriage with my husband?  Is it the hope of prospective children?  Is it the ability to be able to do all the things I love like swimming, riding my bike, and traveling?  In a short answer, yes and no.  All of these things are good motivators for testing, taking my insulin, and exercising. 

But the biggest short-term motivator?

Keeping this thing from BEEEEEEEPing.  

We have a love/hate relationship.

Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for having access to this technology to help me in my diabetes management.  But I've gone from looking at it every 5 seconds to leaving it in my pocket and forgetting about it unless it starts buzzing.  So when it starts to buzz in the middle of a meeting or when I'm sleeping, I get rather annoyed.  "You hush up now!" I'll tell it as we're getting ready for bed. 

But in a strange way, I have become so in tuned with what happens to my body that I am more prepared to avoid highs and lows (also, eating pretty much the same thing everyday helps).  This is awesome for my overall health, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that a big motivator is keeping Constance quiet. 

And the 2 hours I get once a week for calibration is my time to not worry about setting her off.  It's like sending a kid off to camp for a week.  You'll miss them terribly, but you're kind of glad you don't have to worry about picking up after them and feeding them.  This past weekend I had a calibration while my brother-in-law was making triple chocolate chip cookies.  (Yum!)  I took 2 cookies and SWAG bolused without looking at the carb content.  I KNEW it would not be enough insulin and I KNEW that I would need a correction, but I just decided I would deal with it once the calibration was over.  Sure enough, I needed a correction 2 hours later once I began a new session. 

How interesting that I was able to let up on my diabetes management that quickly, simply because I didn't have a luring warning of a high over my head!  And how sad that I'm relying on keeping a piece of technology quiet to manage stable numbers! 

I believe managing diabetes is a marathon, something that requires perserverance and endurance.  But sometimes it's also a sprint, and you just want that thing to stop BEEEEEEEPing! 


  1. Ha! This is so, so true. You speak for many of us, who wish there was a STHU button on the Dexcom. :) Great post, Holly!

  2. When I first got my CGM, the beeping was stressing me out SO much. I actually had to get used to it in phases, going a few days with CGM, then a few days without (so I could rest!). Now, like you, I am so grateful for the technology, and feel like I'm flying blind without it.

  3. So very true. I am eagerly awaiting my time to start CGMing, but at the same time am hesitant for the same reasons you're talking about here. Of course, the "stop-me-from-beeeping" motivation is powerful, so there's that... The constant checking and re-checking has its benefits. Great post, Holly!

  4. Great post, Holly! I agree completely! Every week, in between removing one sensor and putting another on, I take a break. I take a sensor-less bath and lounge around for about an hour without it on! I look forward to that gadget free/site free/noise free hour all week long (except for the pump and its noises... but after 10 years, I've learned to deal with those more sanely)! As much as I love the guidance that the dex provides, I need that hour each week to remind myself that I am not a robot driven by beeeeeeeeps.


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