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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five: Since then . . .

Tomorrow is my 4th anniversary since my diagnosis.  I was thinking about this the other day and reflecting on everything that's happened in 4 years.  So for this edition of Friday Five, I want take a look back at everything that happened since that day

1.  I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics.  My diagnosis happened at the end of my second to last semester in undergrad.  Several people asked me if I was going to take the next semester off to get used to being diabetic.  To be honest, the thought never crossed my mind.  I guess I never truly knew how serious this disease was until later, so coming back to college with insulin pens seemed to be just part of my life then.  I was too passionate about my education to simply give up.  

Just after walking across the stage. 

2.  Married the guy who's been there since day one.  I love him more now that I did on that day.  I can't imagine being with anyone else, and not just because of diabetes.  Trey is the strong, dependable Christian man I prayed for when I was single.  I respect him because he proves his love for God and me through his actions.  Being with him feels like "home". 

I look up to him, literally. 

3.  I became a MASTER . . . of atmospheric science.  Grad school was by far the most stressful thing I've ever gone through, but I felt so proud of myself on the day I defended my thesis.  I was the first female in my family to get a graduate degree, and it landed me a great job. 

Defending my research at a conference. 

4.  Helped remodel a house.  OK, my abilities kind of stop at sweeping and painting, but that's more than I've ever done before in my life!  Having a bulk pack of sports drinks at arms' length helped keep away the lows involved with sweat equity.  I love seeing how we've turned this somewhat trashed house into our family home. 

Proof that I painted.

5.  Preparing for children.  We aren't trying or anything, just doing some preparation work.  But I know that diabetes won't be something I have to wait on.  The fact that Trey and I can talk about our future kids without a worry about my less-then-stellar incubator gives me hope that diabetes will continue to be the background noise in our life. 

Even without diabetes, these past four years have included a lot of life changes that would make a normal person go "whew!"  I'm not sure if I would have taken stock of all of it if I didn't have an anniversary to celebrate.  I guess it's another reason I'm GRATEFUL for diabetes, it gives me a chance to sit back and be humbled by all the blessings in my life while managing this disease.  And whether I'm here on Earth for 4 more years or 40 years, I hope I always take the time to look back and see how far I've come.  It's like anytime someone says to me, "Oh you can't do that because you have diabetes."  I can say, "Oh yeah, watch me . . ." 

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