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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodbye, Constance v1.0

Sunday morning after church, Trey and I headed to Target to get the things we needed for our Valentine's Dinner at home (which was awesome, by the way!).  As soon as we got in the car, Constance was blaring from my pocket like she was just being turned on.  "Holy random restart!" I said.  This was the 3rd time in twelve hours that she had voluntarily restarted herself.  She always got back on track when she came back on, but it was still weird, loud, and inconvenient. 

Halfway through our Target trip, she let out a loud, long shriek like she was screaming out her last breath.  I look down saw this weird error message:

The low prices were to die for!  *wah wah wah*

So I called Dexcom and before I could get to the 4th character in the error message they said, "Oh yeah, that's a hardware error.  We'll overnight you a new receiver."  Apparently, this error message is not all that uncommon.  I confirmed this with some conversations with my Twitter D-peeps yesterday. 

I've kept my sensor in my abdomen during this time because it was still going strong before Constance died, so I'd like to already have a "wet" sensor when my new receiver comes this afternoon.  And it's been a little weird going without a CGM these past two days after being a "real-time" diabetic for the past 7 months.  And it's been nice to not have that constant reminder that I'm diabetic or the incessant BEEEEEEEPing. 

But it didn't take long to remind me why I wanted a CGM in the first place.  I had to mentally take stock of how I felt anytime I had the urge to reach for my phantom CGM.  I was reminded of the cartoon flyer I received when I got out of the hospital, explaining the symptoms of hypoglycemia: 

I'm pretty sure this is in every "diagnosis packet". 

I started to develop what I call "Low-CD", which basically means having OCD anxiety about going low.  Anytime I had one of these symptoms, I wanted to check.  I was quickly running out of test strips (and patience).  One time I was sure I was low, but a test proved me wrong at 128 mg/dL.  Now, it could have been that I was falling from a higher BG, thus prompting some mild low symptoms.  It's for this reason that I want my CGM back, regardless of the constant BEEEEEEEPing. 


  1. I got that cartoon symptom sheet when I was diagnosed 15 years ago. Are they still giving them out? lol

  2. One of the reasons I started on the cgm was Low-CD, so I totally get it. I am so paranoid about extreme lows.

  3. Low-CD! I have this! I even have it when I'm wearing my MM CGM because, as I've complained before, the thing likes to pretend that I'm not actually low until I hit 45 or so.

  4. Pooh! The exclamation point of death. Hope a new one gets to your doorstep pronto!


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