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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh My Knee

For the past 6 months or so, I have been battling some pain in my right knee.  It's like someone has stapled a brick to the top of my knee cap and it's pressing down.  I was a fast-pitch softball catcher for 10 years, so I figured the wear and tear on my knees was finally catching up to me.  The first appointment I had for it, the doctor had my knee X-rayed and found nothing.  Then I went several months without feeling anything again. 

But lately the pain has been constant.  I am taking my prescription Celebrex (don't worry, Constance-friendly) everyday like it's my vitamin, and it feels like it's barely putting a dent in the pain.  I am avoiding stairs as much as I can and crossing my legs when I'm sitting.  But the pain is still there. 

Last night, when I was working out on the Wii, I was trying to do some lunges.  And I could barely get my left knee down because the pain in my right knee was so bad.  And when I'm sitting on the couch, I usually prop my legs up on the coffee table in front of me, and last night I had to physically lift my right leg up and down from the floor. 

My (current) GP said that if my pain doesn't get better or gets worse that the next step is an MRI to confirm if I have arthritis in my knee.  I have done some research about all the different kinds of arthritis (just like diabetes, I had no idea of the several types! #themoreyouknow) and found that rheumatoid arthritis is a form of an autoimmune disease.  I have read that autoimmune disease run in companies of 2s or 3s, so I thought this could be the beginnings of that.  But further research seems to point to me having regular ole osteoarthritis, which is not as bad but still painful. 

The main issue I have with making an appointment is that it seems there is no "fix" for me knee, if it is confirmed as osteoarthritis, other than taking daily pain meds and wearing a brace when I exercise.  It frustrates me because I am 26-years-old!  I shouldn't be making statements like, "Oh, I can tell the weather's changing, I can feel it in my knee."  I try to blame everything on D, but in this case I am.  There's no way I should be feeling "old people pain" this early in life. 

I really hope I don't have to sport a 4-stand cane with tennis balls. 


  1. I know what you mean. My neck and shoulder kills me any time it's about to rain. I had a reverse-curvature of the spine (instead of it cuving inward at the top, mine curved outward) when I was about 14-15yrs old and had to see the chiropractor 3x a week for years to get it straight. I stil have to go back every now and then, but he said I do have arthritis in my neck now because of it. Definately not fun at all feeling like you're 70 somedays when you're 26!

  2. This post cracks me up! Only because I have some pain in my right knee too, and I can totally tell when it's going to rain! ;)

    At least you have softball to blame it on. I got nothing, other than I must be 27 going on 70...

  3. Great post. Sorry to hear about your knee pain.

    Some things to think about: If it's age related, how old is your left knee?

    Also, if the arthritis is causing the pain, where does the arthritis go when it doesn't hurt (or hurts less)? Another way to think about it: do you have more arthritis when you go up/down stairs because it hurts worse?

    Also, if softball is to blame, shouldn't your pain be equal in both knees (assuming you played softball with both knees)? And, if softball is to blame, that means everyone who plays softball or is/was a catcher should have that exact same knee pain.

    We see clients all the time with knee pain and 99% of the time the pain is caused by a dysfunctional hip. The hip isn't working properly and it starts to recruit the knee to help out. The knee is simply sending you a signal that it's overworked and underpaid! If you get the hip functioning properly the knee pain will take care of itself.

    John Elder


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