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Friday, February 18, 2011

Raiding the Candy Bowls

In my office, it seems to be standard operating procedure to have a candy bowl on your desk.  It certainly makes meetings in the boss' office a lot less stressful when you're sucking on a Werther's Original.  In my branch chief's office, he has 3 bowls:  one with mints, one with Chex Mix, and one with assorted chocolates including Snickers (my fav), Milky Way, and Twix.  His office is strategically placed across the hall from the coffee/break room.  So grabbing a snack after lunch or between coffee is very easy. 

Sometimes when I'm having a low blood sugar at work, and I don't want to have another toddler-size juice box, I will walk up and down the halls of my office raiding the public candy bowls.  It gives me a chance to catch up with my coworkers (read: socialize) while satisfying my hypoglycemia.  I've never told my coworkers that I'm having a low blood sugar when I'm raiding their stash, but some of them know I'm diabetic.  So occasionally I will get a glance from them as I grab 3 mini-Snickers and a nod, like they understand. 

But when the candy bowls start to get low (like on Fridays), I admit I start to get a little nervous.  I rely on these candy bowls too much for treating my lows.  Even if I have plenty of juice, I still like to know that I have some back up just in case.  But then I get a branch-wide email with subject title:  "Candy Bowls are Refilled!", and all is well. 

"Can you fax this for me and give me 15 grams of fast-acting carbs?"

Also, I love The Office!  Happy Friday!


  1. Cute post and I love The Office too.

  2. I want to work at a place with candy bowls on all the desks!!! :) Okay, just don't be like Dwight and paw through all of the jellybeans. LOL


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