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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peanut Butter Buddy

I love my dogs!  I've always claimed to be more of a cat person, but there's just something about a dog.  The way they wag their tails incessantly when I come home, their cuddly antics whenever I sit on the couch, and their mental obsession with chasing the squirrels in the backyard.  They're goofy, lovable creatures that provide so much company and noise to our home. 

We currently have 2 dogs, Roscoe and Missy.  We got Missy last year as a playmate for Roscoe when we moved into our house.  But we got Roscoe about 2 years ago when he was an 8-week-old ball of fur. 

Let the "Awwwww"s commence . . . 

Roscoe was the first dog I've had that I've gone through the proper puppy training with.  Sure, I had dogs growing up, but they were either mainly outside dogs that didn't require much training or my parents took it over.  And I learned that there is a special bond that happens when you are training your dog.  I can't explain it, but there's a trust that develops and the dog would rely on you for everything, even its life. 

And mine. 

So I've always been diabetic with Roscoe, but I've never thought he caught on to Mommy's disease . . . until recently.  Roscoe always has to be in the same room where I am.  If I am cooking, he takes a spot on the floor in the doorway to the living room.  If I am folding clothes in the bedroom, he lays in his bed watching me until I leave the room.  Never in the way, just always around.  He's not like this with Trey, just me.  I thought this dog had some serious attachment issues, but there's possibly something more. 

For my nighttime lows where I am awoken by Constance, I make my way into the kitchen to pour a glass of juice.  Of course, Roscoe follows me and sits in the doorway wagging his tail.  Once I feel my body start to settle out from the shakes and my mind is clear, I retrieve the peanut butter from the cupboard to get some protein in me.  Well, Roscoe knows the smell of peanut butter, it's one of his favorite snacks.  He especially likes when I smear some over an apple slice or a baby carrot for him.  The dog loves peanut butter.  So when I get done eating my 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter, I point the spoon in his direction and let him finish it off. 

Lately, when I start to feel low (sometimes before Constance alerts me), Roscoe will come up to me and start wagging his tail.  "Why are you excited, Roscoe?"  BZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!  "Low > 70 mg/dL"  Uh huh.  "Is it peanut butter time?"  His tail shakes faster and he lets out a little yelp.  I fear I am training this dog to get excited about my lows. 

I've heard of diabetic alert dogs, I even follow a great blog of one who looks just like Roscoe.  And I've heard of other domestic pets alerting their owners of nighttime lows.  But I never thought that one of my pets would be one of them.  I suppose one CGM is better than two, right?  Even if one is a 62 lb lab mutt with a whip for a tail. 

I can haz peanut butter? 


  1. Very awesome. I think having a dog to alert night time lows is amazing. It would have helped the 66 S had last night. Which I only knew about because I set my alarm to wake me up.

  2. My dog totally does the same. Since he cannot talk, he will just sit by me on the couch and won't move until my husband realizes I'm low and need some help.
    Nothing against other pets, but dogs are the best!

  3. Oh my God. I want to eat your dog -- with peanut butter, of course.

  4. Awww, he's so cute! The dog we had when I was a teenager knew when I was low too, and she never had any training either. Yay for puppies!


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