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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sleeping Alone

Yesterday, Trey had to work on 2nd shift (2-12 PM, yuck!), which meant that I would be going to sleep alone.  I never like going to bed without him, I'm a huge cuddler.  (Reader:  *cough*  Ummm, Holly, that information is a little TMI.  What's the point?)  But the other reason I don't like going to bed alone is the whole diabetes/plummeting-scary-lows thing. 

I lived alone for about a year between my roommate moving out and getting married before Trey and I got married.  At that point, I had never heard of "dead in bed" syndrome nor did I have a CGM.  I also was not that great about checking my blood sugar before I went to sleep.  I was towing a dangerous line and didn't know it!  Admittedly,  I would snack heavy before bed, both for staving off any lows and simply out of enjoyment.  I probably went to bed high a lot of nights, but I hardly had any paralyzing/wake-me-up lows, either. 

Now that I have a husband and a CGM, I'm more aggressive about getting my night time basal rates on a streamline around the low 100s.  It's led to some sleepless nights correcting lows, but I always catch them in the 60s before it gets too bad.  Trey is usually the one who wakes me up from the CGM going off. 

But last night, I felt the anxiety kick in about going to bed without my trusty husband/CGM alerter.  So I reverted back to my old habits of snacking before bed:  cookies and milk.  I had overbolused for dinner, so I was plummeting towards the low 70s fast.  I set a temporary basal of 50% for 2 hours and tried to go to sleep.  Not an hour later, I woke up that I was still low.  So I got up and had some juice, with Roscoe not far behind.  I finally went to sleep around the time Trey was getting off work. 

Because he was too tired and I never hear the alarms, I woke up this morning to a 198 mg/dL.  A far cry from the 80s and 90s I have been seeing.  I knew this would happen, but at the same time I'm too scared of lows to simply trust my basal rates and IOB to level out.  And too many stories of diabetics dying in their sleep ring in my ear.  I simply can't go to sleep and feel confident that I'll wake up every time. 

Maybe one day I'll get to where I can sleep soundly without relying on my husband or my CGM, even though that's what they're there for.  Either way, I hate sleeping alone. 

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