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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forecast: More than Insulin

Today's forecast:  a high will develop over the land and persist for several hours, resulting in numbers climbing into the 200s.

What?!  You thought I was talking about temperature?  Pssht.  I'm talking about this freakin' high that won't budge from my blood stream.  I've tried dousing it with low-level precipitation (water) and a high wind gradient (exercise), but this thing will. not. budge. 

I've been sailing in the 180-230 mg/dL (ahhh, units!  helpful things) ever since I got back from my trip.  I hoped (prayed) that things would settle out after a day or so of my routine.  But no such luck so far.  I'm downing my 2nd bottle of water as we speak (type?), trying to get ride of this post-breakfast high so I can enjoy my yogurt at some point before lunch.

I've had these type of persisting highs before.  Usually, one likes to stick around for 2 weeks or so after the Christmas holidays.  It's not until a good week's sweatfest that it starts to come down.  If I try to rely on just insulin to bring down these pesky things, I'll end up with an empty reservoir and a nagging headache.  The best way to get rid of a BAH (big a$$ high, technical weather term, trust me) is to use all my forces of insulin, water, and exercise to steady my body back out to normal. 

Because it's more than just, "Oh, I must have not bolused for breakfast right, or put too much stuff in my coffee.  I'll bolus this down and be back to normal in an hour.  Peachy!" (for some reason, I saw myself as a high-pitched housewife from the 50s in that monologue /digress).  My body has been in a pattern of out-of-routine testing and Momma's cooking (which is hard to turn down).  It's set a new routine for itself and I have to whip it back into shape.  Ugh!

Water I can do (and should probably do more of rather than just when I'm high), but exercise is hard this week.  Family and friends coming into town this weekend and a cookout means my nights at home are spent cleaning the bathrooms and washing towels, which is a slight sweatfest itself but not enough to bring my body down.  I'm hoping by next week I can get back to walking (and hopefully running) and playing softball (we're on an off week this week, too, lovely) to get my body back to showing nice numbers like 80-120 mg/dL.

If not, I may have to call in reinforcements. 

And I don't want to make him upset.  >:-/


  1. I love that acronym...BAH!! Hilarious!

  2. I agree 100% with you, sometimes it is more than just a quick boost of the juice to bring it down. Of course there is the other side that I am dealing with right now, having a high and figuring it is more than just insulin needed to bring it down...oops maybe not this time as I am trending down quicker than I would like.

    Question, you mentioned drinking water when your BG's are running high. is that just to quench your thirst or does it help you in someway? Just wondering as you mentioned it a few times in your post.

  3. @chris: Ironically, I don't feel a lot of high symptoms until I'm well into the 300s. So, I don't really feel thirsty. I drink water because it helps to flush out the high a little bit and get rid of any ketones if they're present. Sometimes it helps, but usually insulin and a brisk walk do the trick better.

  4. Even though I feel wicked bad that you're stuck in persistent highs, I LOVE your analogy! Diabetes is as predictable as the weather, isn't it? ;)

  5. I'm living through that right now myself. Ever since I got back from my trip to NYC, I've been running high ALL THE TIME! I can't seem to do anything about it. And I'm coming up on 2 1/2 weeks now. Sigh.

  6. just coming off the same thing. if I haven't had a good workout for over a week, then sometimes insulin alone just won't do it. it's like my body refuses to acknowledge the presence of insulin as punishment to me for neglecting it. doesn't it realize it's only hurting itself in the long run by trying to teach me a lesson???

  7. Hope you come down soon Holly!!

  8. Hey, I just stumbled over your blog and this post. I've had some of these pesisting (like 2 or 3 weeks) highs, and I figure it has to be some kind of undetectable/symptom free infection. I usually raise my basal rates up to 130% or so until it gets better.


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