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Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's a New One

This morning, I woke up to a new, interesting error on my pump.  I was still asleep, dreaming about something.  I don't remember what I was dreaming about, but I do remember I kept hearing this vibrating noise.  I woke up to Arnold buzzing his head off.  I was sleeping on my stomach, and he had managed to somehow make his way to my torso right above my belly button. 

After I woke up and realized what was going on, I looked at my pump to find this error: 

BUTTON ERROR: Button has been pushed for more than 3 minutes.  
Press ESC, ACT to clear.  

What in the world?!  A button error?!  In my almost 3 years of pumping, I have never seen this error before.  I guess in my tossing and turning, Arnold made his way up to my rib cage where he pressed one of his buttons up to my rib case for . . . more than 3 minutes.  

The whole physics and statistics of the situation astound me.  First of all, which button did I push?  I know it wasn't the light button, because it wasn't on.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the easy bolus/up button because I would think I would have heard the beep-Beep-BEEP of the increasing units, which is very scary!  I could have had a Ninjabetic experience.  I have been known to sleep through my pump alarms before--I usually wake up to, "Holly, you're buzzing" by my wonderful hubby.  

I've deduced that it was either the bolus wizard, ESC, or ACT button because these three buttons have the most surface area than the other buttons on my pump and they were parallel with my rib cage.  (I've just realized my physicist, engineer self is coming out--apologizing in advance.)  So, I hit ESC, ACT to clear this weird error.  

I suppose Arnold is excited about Constance's arrival this week, and waiting to exclaim it?  Though, I am wondering how I am going to wake up to these late night/early morning Dexcom alarms if I can't hear my pump alarm.  I guess I just bought a new alarm to wake up Trey, who will in turn wake me up.  Hehe . . .

Diabetes, you continue to surprise me.  


  1. I live alone, but when I went on vacation with a friend and my CGMS alarm went off, she'd say, "Cara, you're beeping." LOL

  2. Holly, you have to let me know how CGM goes. I really want one, but I hate having the "stuff" stuck to me all the time! Also, I hate actually putting the sites and stuff in (it hurts!). Let me know!!!! So excited for you!

  3. I've seen the Button Error once - the night my pump died!!! I guess it was because my buttons had corroded due to moisture in the pump (or so the MM help guy told me). If you notice ANYTHING weird going on with your pump, I'd call MM right away. My buttons had been sticking a bit on rare occasions & I didn't think anything of it, but they told me that was actually the first sign of a problem with my pump.

    PS: I'm really not trying to scare you and your pump is probably fine - but I just want to share what happened to me just in case. Nothing was worse than my pump dying at midnight on a Friday, so if I can help someone else avoid that drama I totally will!! :)

  4. Well, between this weird error and a crack in my screen, I fear Arnold might be on his last leg. I've had him almost 3 years now, so I hope he can last a little longer. I would hate to have to get a new Arnold. =(


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