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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Frequent Sayings

I was noticing the other day that my husband and I share certain phrases between each other that, when overheard by friends and family, are quite . . . odd:

  • "I'm high.  I need to shoot up."  
  • "I need to check my BS level. . . . No, the other kind." 
  • "Ow, ow, ow!  Move over!  You're on my pump."  
  • "Honey, I'm normal!  . . .  No, just my blood sugar."  
  • "I'm low and PMSing!  So just leave me alone."  
  • "I need to change Arnold before we leave."  (If friends are over, they look for a little boy in diapers, lol.)
  • "Alright!  Who drank my ejuice (emergency juice, mine only, no touchies)?"
  • "Hold on, I need to turn down my basal before we start our walk."  
  • "The cats are playing with my site cap, again."
  • BOOP-BEEP-BOOP "Arnold's paging you."
  • "I have diabeetus."  (reference to diabeetus guy from Liberty Medical, he makes us both laugh)
and finally . . .

  • "I'm low."  Trey:  "I'll get the cookies . . ."  He sees my lows as an opportunity to indulge.  Not sure that's a good thing.  :-/ 
Anyone have some more good diabetes liners?


  1. "I need to shoot up" is one of my favorites. :)
    I get "You're beeping again." from lots of people.
    I say "My pump's yelling at me again."

  2. "I feel high" is sorta funny...and the "low" mumbles which sound like I am drunk!! "chriisssth..Is needs some does gloooocose tabss..."!

  3. @April: Haha, love it! I, too, sound like I'm drunk when I'm low. Even stumbling a bit. I'm a lot like Gollum from LOTR looking for sugar. "Precious, sugar, where is!" =D

  4. I don't have any good one liners. But sometimes when Matt and I are play wrestling I say "OW MY PUMP!" and trick him into letting go before I attack him. I know...its shameless. Diabetes should be good for somethin' though!

  5. @Brenda W: OMG, I'm so gonna use that! I also say, "Honey, I can't help you in the yard, I'm kinda low." So so wrong! }:-)

  6. I love when when daughter walks into a room of adults and yells "I'm high" LOL

  7. Low + PMS is always a bad combo. Throw too much wine into the mix (as I did last night) and it becomes a disaster.

  8. Hahaha, those are pretty funny. And yup, I say them all the time too - especially "I was high all night long". Always sounds so funny when you think about it. I don't have any good diabetes lines to add - but we were cooking over the weekend and I said something to Pete like "you'll have to beat it later". Yeah, I was talking about the cake batter, but it just sounded really wrong and we both burst out laughing. ;)


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