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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insulinated Oranges

For those who haven't heard via Facebook or Twitterville, I didn't lose my job.  Even thought I feel relieved, I must admit I'm also feeling a little survivor's guilt.  But today I had my first rolling laugh in a long time.  Things are still down, but they're going up.  

I think I heard a statistic one time that 9/10 people know a person with diabetes.  So, after a pretty mundane meeting on Wednesday afternoon, it's no surprise that diabetes became a topic.  I was excitedly exclaiming the arrival of Constance.  Not long after, other conversations about D began, including a story that had me rolling. 

One engineer whose wife has diabetes, heard a story of a newly-diagnosed diabetic.  While in the hospital, the nurses were teaching him how to give himself his insulin shot in an orange.  After several days in the hospital, the patient's blood glucose readings were still rising.  Was the insulin not working? 

Finally, the nurses asked the patient to show them how he gave himself his insulin.  (Can you see where this is going?)  He proceeded to inject his orange with insulin, peeled the orange, and ate it. 

. . .

I was laughing so hard, tears were beginning to roll down my face.  I'm not sure if the story was just that funny, to me, or if I'm over exaggerating from the lack of humor in the last few weeks.  But it's true what they say, laughter is the best medicine. 

Just be careful trying to swallow the plastic and metal tip.



  1. That is freakin' funny! I WISH we could eat insulin (if it didn't smell so funny).

  2. Oh gross! I don't even want to imagine what insulin tastes like. It's weird, though, because I shot my oranges up with saline.

  3. Seems like everyone got to practice on oranges but me! They just gave me the needles and were like "Okay, do it now!" I was freaked out...

  4. I learned on a little bean bag, which I think is a little more like skin because they taught me to "pinch up" the skin. You can't really do that with an orange or you'll get acid in your eye.


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