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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five: 11 June 2010

For this Friday Five, I thought I'd focus on new things that are happening in my life (diabetes-wise and not).  Some are exciting, others make me anxious. 

  1. My endo finally FINALLY signed my letter of medical necessity for my Dexcom CGM!  I got the email last night from the person I've been corresponding with from Dexcom.  The next step is to get a narrative letter from insurance company.  I'm not really sure what that is, but I do know it's the next step.  Yay!  
  2. There's a possibility we might be getting a new dog this weekend.  Her name is Missy, and she's a 1-year-old lab/boxer mix.  She was found by some people a couple of months ago.  She was originally sent to animal services where she would have been euthanized, but someone rescued her (thank God!  I'm a big proponent of no-kill shelters, there's plenty of them around).  Unfortunately, that family's son had severe allergies to her and they couldn't keep her.  Now she's living with a friend of the family's until she can find a permanent home.  When Trey and I talked about getting another dog as a playmate for Roscoe, we wanted to get a dog roughly the same age and energy, and we've always loved boxers.  We may go visit her tonight, and if this works out there will be pictures.  I promise.  
  3. I've changed a couple basal settings on my pump this week.  I'm trying to conquer my dawn phenomenon so I can wake up in a pseudo-normal range (<130 mg/dL).  So, I backed up when my morning increase in insulin starts and increased it.  And since I'm more active now with walking/running (yep, I started running this week, too, in intervals) and playing softball, my need for insulin at night is a lot lower.  I got to the point where I wasn't bolusing at all for dinner and ending up normal 2 hours later.  So, I decreased my evening basal, too.  Now, my basal rates look very square, because my morning and evening rates are exactly the same.  And this morning it worked, I woke up at 126 mg/dL.  Guess it's hip to be square? 
  4. *sigh*  I really don't like this next Friday Five entry, because it's about my job.  I don't like to blog about my job because a) I'm not sure how much I can really talk about other than broad generalizations and b) it's kind of a tense situation right now.  Let's just say I work for a program that the president doesn't want to continue, k?  I didn't really feel worried about it until yesterday when some new developments arose, and as soon as I saw Trey I bursted into tears.  It's not a huge worry for us, financially, because all of our essentials (i.e. food, insurance, gas, insurance, bills, insurance, etc.) come from him.  I broke down yesterday because I actually like my job.  Sometimes it's slow, but I enjoy the work that I'm doing and knowing it could potentially help future astronauts.  The next few months may make my BG soar higher than they're going.  
  5. Ever since I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, I haven't really gotten the hang of styling it.  I have baby fine, blonde hair that is layered starting at my chin and goes down to my shoulders.  I tried blow drying it with a round brush, but all that did was make the layers straight and boring.  And around 3:00 PM it starts to look limpy.  But I finally found something that works!  I found a hair dryer with brush attachments!  I tried this for about a week but I was using it as a standard blow dryer and going through my hair too fast, ending up with limpy, straight hair again.  But today I decided to go a little slower and actually roll my hair into the brush and let the hair dryer do its thing for about 10 seconds.  Voila!  I now have bouncy hair and you can see the layers are more defined.  For this tomboy, it was a victory.  
Have a great weekend everyone!  =) 


  1. Kudos for the hair thing, I never know how to do mine! I'm trying to grow it out after I cut it short last year. I hope the doggy works out for you and I'm sorry your job is stressin' you out.

  2. Thanks, Brenda. I'm just a whole ball of emotions today from possibly a new dog, the Dexcom, and my job. I'm not sure which emotion to pick!


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