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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Has Officially Started

There are certain signs in the weather that show the changing of the seasons.  For fall, we feel a coolness in the air, we see changing colors on leaves, we begin to see frost.  But there's also another sign that fall is soon around the corner:  insulin resistance!  That's right, as the air temperature drops, so does my sensitivity to insulin.

Case in point:  last night's dinner.  I made chicken quesadillas with rice, cheese, and 15 different kinds of beans (holy protein!).  This dinner was relatively mild on the carbs, only 31 grams, with a nice amount of protein to help keep things steady.  I peaked at 250 mg/dL with this meal, which kind of surprised me, but I leveled out at 123 mg/dL before bedtime with less than a unit of active insulin on board.  I thought I was set for a nice streamline when I woke up this morning.

But around 4:00 AM I woke up to a high alarm from Constance, 184 mg/dL.  I thought this was weird, but I knew I was starting to see a climb in my numbers around this time when I first got on Dexcom.  I started to see this climb again during our beach trip, but I chalked it up to not eating the greatest.  But it seems this trend occurs around the first week of fall and follows me through the holidays.  When I got up an hour later I was up to 206 mg/dL according to my meter.  After correcting and taking my bolus for breakfast, I was still streaming in the 180s before my breakfast peaked at 275 mg/dL!

It's really frustrating because I felt like I had this routine down for so long and it usually resulted in a 180 mg/dL peak AT MAX!  Now I'm seeing fasting numbers at that level with post-meal numbers even higher.  I think it might be time to bump up my midnight basal so as to hopefully control this problem.  It's either the changing weather or a bad vial (which is possible considering my vial just spent over 24 hours in a car traveling last week, even with an ice pack I'm not sure it would last that long), but I won't know until I change my site in a few days.  I'll probably wait to change my basals then or at my endo appointment next month.

For the most part, I love fall and it's my favorite season.  But this change is one I can't tolerate!

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  1. Ugh, I experienced something similar on Sunday and Monday. Mr. Gaeta (my Dexcom, aka Constance's son ;)) spent a good deal of time vibrating and shrieking at me. I couldn't figure out what caused it and I went beyond rage bolus (which didn't help) and into rage basal (helped, a little too much). It must be the weather change. Ducking fiabetes.


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