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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rush

I could feel the anticipation rising,
The sweat on my brow was a sign
Then a drop deep in the pit of my stomach.
I knew exactly what it meant.

I grabbed my meter
Hands already shaking
Pulled a strip out of the vial.
Pricked my pinky like so many times before
Licked the blood and wait.
43 mg/dL

Reached for a glass and the apple juice
Poured to that magic line I know so well
Begin chugging and close my eyes
I could feel it coming
The Rush.

I can't really explain it but we all know how it feels
Before I felt like I was drowning 
My eyes were foggy, my head was dizzy
My forehead was sweaty, my hands were shaking

After that first gulp of sweet sugar
I could feel it already working
It's like coming up for air, 
After drowning from waves.

The cool liquid flows down my throat
And like it's bonding to my cells
I feel instantly my blood sugar rising
Who knew I could feel so thirsty? 

A few more gulps and a little time
And I was feeling better
These waves come and go,
But I can't help noticing that feeling
The Rush.  

1 comment:

  1. omg that's such a great way of describing a low! I love it.


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