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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Said All Diabetes Bags are Black?

Whenever I get a new meter, it always comes in the standard black vinyl-cloth bag.  BORING.  That's one of the reasons why I got my Mystique Myabetic wallet.  I want to be a well-equiped diabetic, but I still want to express myself--not in black. 

One of my coworkers recently returned from a trip to Korea where she brought back this lovely souvenir for me: 

It's a little handmade multicolored bag with a butterfly zipper, totally channels my girly side. 

After gushing over this thing for a few moments, I began examining its dimensions and determining its appropriate use.  Would it hold some on-the-go make-up supplies like lip gloss or a foundation compact?  No.  Would it hold some of those ever-so-necessary "girlie" products?  No! 

It's the perfect size for a cylinder of glucose tabs.
I could easily fit 4-5 cylinders of glucose tabs in this pretty little thing.  Having diabetes can make me low sometimes, but pulling my sugar-boosting tabs from this cute bag will make me smile--I think it helps make the carbs a little sweeter. 



  1. Super cute! I have one that's covered in chocolate covered strawberries that I put my emergency kit in (i.e. extra pump supplies, glucose tabs, etc). I love it. I like being a little different. :)

  2. Question for you on the Mystique - do you find that you can't close the thing if all the pockets are filled? I went to use it the other night, popped my meter, strip vial, and tabs in the pouches, and then couldn't close it. Am I doing something wrong?!

  3. @Karen: It was like that when I first got it. As soon as it was filled it took all my might to get it zipped. It took a few months for the leather and zipper to stretch enough to zip easily. Now I have it stocked with batteries, lancets, strips, extra vial, glucose tabs, syringes, screwdriver (don't ask), and of course my meter. And it zips with no fuss. Just give it time to stretch out. =)

  4. Aww, I love how wee it is! Very cute!

  5. What an awesome bag! Would your meter & strips fit in there with 1 cylinder of glucose tabs? Because that would be perfect!


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