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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Get High in the Morning

Don't let the title of my post confuse you, I'm talking about my blood sugar.  Several members of the DOC have mentioned about having to up their insulin in the last week.  I don't have any scientific research that proves that changing seasons messes with insulin sensitivity, but this all seems very freaky. 

In the last two weeks, I have up both my morning basal rates by 0.1 units.  My total daily basal insulin amount has gone up from 15.0 units (I love when it is exact like that!) to 15.9 units.  This morning I woke up at 103 mg/dL and that's much better than the 150s-160s I had been waking up to.  I've also had to give up my routine morning cereal because it seems I can't keep from peaking above 250 mg/dL, even if I take my insulin 30 minutes beforehand. 

So, this morning I decided to change things up a bit and see if I can keep below 200 mg/dL until noon.  I decided to have a whole grain waffle with peanut butter and a glass of milk, a total of 32 grams which is only 1 gram less than my Kashi cereal.  So far I've peaked at 150 mg/dL and started going slowly down (currently 133 mg/dL 2-hours post-prandial).  And thanks to Sara, I gave myself 0.5 units before I got in the shower this morning, which seemed to help that initial spike after I wake up and the dawn phenomenon. 

Now that's a breakfast curve!

I'm hoping things have settled out a little bit with this crazy weather change.  I've got several activities coming up and I need diabetes to behave.  Also, I'm getting my flu shot tomorrow morning (boo!  I hate needles unless I'm the one handling them.).  The last thing I need messing up my favorite season is a pesky flu. 


  1. Okay, this IS weird. I've been waking up in the 150's and 160's the past several days as well. I didn't know we had a trend going! :D I made some basal adjustments after waking up today, so hopefully I'll be kicked out of the the club starting tomorrow. Glad to hear you woke up in a happy place today. :)

  2. My cereal has been leaving me spiky, too! Keep us posted on the success of the waffle/PB/milk combo... I may try that out.

  3. Mornings are always the trickiest for me too. I've had the same problem with cereal in the mornings. It always spikes me, no matter what I do. So annoying! I guess I can only have cereal for dinner.

  4. I upped my morning basals this week too...but lowered my afternoons. Actually today I ate an apple, a low carb muffin, and a yogurt without even bolusing at lunch...I came in perfect at dinner but was a bit high mid afternoon. Interesting huh? Still haven't figured out what's going on but I'm going to do the same thing at lunch tomorrow and only bolus for half the meal (instead of not at all) and see what happens.


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