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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five: 15 July 2010

It's the end of another week, which means another edition of the Friday Five:

  1. I changed my Dexcom sensor yesterday, you know, the one that didn't want to stay on.  When I finally pulled it off my skin, the transmitter was floating above my stomach and the sensor was barely underneath the skin anymore.  The tape was just keeping the left side down.  However, I was still getting good numbers until I stopped the sensor.  I put the new sensor on my lower back and this location appears to be a sweet spot.  I didn't get nearly as many ???s last night.  
  2. A Senate committee approved a new NASA budget to be sent to Congress.  This budget is considerably better (IMO) than the originally proposed budget back in February.  It extends existing programs like the ISS and Shuttle until a suitable replacement is built.  It also charges NASA with building a new, heavy-lift launch vehicle (HLV) that could be operational by 2020.  This is great news for the area where I live because we thrived during the building of the Saturn V, so no doubt a lot of the building for the HLV will come here.  Finally, some money will be given to commercial space groups, but on a prove-yourself basis.  NASA will have a lot more say on when those vehicles will be deamed safe. 
  3. Last weekend we began a trial of Netflix.  We've been talking about this for awhile because we don't take advantage of cable TV as much as we could (except for football season, less than 2 months!!!).  And I've been using it all this week to watch every season of The Office.  I don't know why I didn't get into this show sooner, but I love it!  I guess I feel that my days are so similar to The Office (minus a boss like Michael Scott).  I'm currently half-way through Season 3.  
  4. Holy cow bells it is HAWT!  The high for the last two days has been over 100 F.  I worry about my dogs being outside for 10 hours, but I make sure they have plenty of water and our back yard is pretty heavily shaded.  I usually find them staying cool underneath our deck outside.  But that doesn't meant I still don't worry.  Yesterday when I got home I took out the garbage and I had sweat rolling down my neck by the time I walked back inside.  It's also wreaking havoc on my hair.  The increased humidity is making my usually layered, flipped-out hair look very flat and straw-like. 
  5. Once again, Alabama is in 2nd place (tied with Tennessee) for the fattest state in America.  Colorado wins for being the fittest (which is where I wanted to live . . . at one point . . . OK, maybe I still do).  Mississippi wins first place for having an average BMI of 33.8.  Even though most of the states in the top 10 are southern states, they are the ones who always win the college football national championship.  (Seriously, I need therapy, this isn't healthy.)  
Have a great weekend everyone!  =)


  1. Of course you still want to live in Colorado, only two of the best people you know live there ;)

  2. The worst part about the heat is that we're entering "Kill Me Now" season. August, September and the first part of October are awful in the Southeast.


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