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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five: 30 July 2010

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five.  (CAUTION:  This post is heavily diabetes-related, and I didn't intend it to be that way.  Usually for FF, I just start writing random thoughts that come to mind, and my mind has been on D a lot lately.  See my note below for my official apology.)  

  1. I've been having some severe hypo-unawareness lately.  The other night I was treating a 49 mg/dL with no symptoms, and this morning after I got out of the shower, Constance was shouting at me for being under 55 mg/dL and a finger test confirmed I was 54 mg/dL.  I didn't have any symptoms with either one of these, and that's scary.  
  2. My doc who got on my nerves apparently thinks I might have some thyroid issues.  Thyroid issues and diabetes have been related before, so it wouldn't surprise me.  And it definitely explains why I can't be in any building without bringing a jacket (cold intolerance).  She sent a request to my endocrinologist for my last blood work, and I'm waiting for them to call me with the results. 
  3. Kerri posted a great article featuring her and BSparl in Diabetes Forecast.  A related article described in great detail the risks, processes, and tests involved with pregnancy and type 1 diabetes.  Even though Trey and I still far from trying to get pregnant, it's constantly on my mind.  And this article, I must admit, overwhelmed me.  It was 4 pages of things to do (and not do) while I was pregnant along with maintaining good blood sugar control.  Even though I received some great words from Kerri, Dayle, and Cara (trust me, I've read and reread your replies to me for comfort), it didn't stop me from crying in the bathroom at work.  I know it's not an impossible feat, but it's not going to be easy, which takes the romanticism out of wanting to be pregnant. 
  4. Yesterday I got an inquiry in the mail from our FSA (flexible spending account) company regarding my recent transactions for my Dexcom starter kit and my recent pump supplies order.  Ever since the pass of the federal health care bill, our insurance company is getting tighter on what we can use our FSA card for.  Basically, unless it's something prescribed by a doctor, it's not approved.  So I have to provide validation after ever transaction, which is like paying for it twice.  Even though it's still nothing out of pocket for me, it's quite annoying to fax the same letter stating "Yes, I'm diabetic.  Yes, I need this.  See attached invoice." 
  5. And just so I can end this Friday Five on a happy note, I'm looking forward to this weekend because we're getting together with some friends to make homemade Greek pizza, drink beer, and play cards.  Hopefully I won't have the "diabetic beer" that April talked about.  ;-)  
Sorry this was such a downer post.  I didn't realize how much diabetes has been such a buzz kill this week, but I guess it has.  Sometimes D stays silent for weeks or even months, then it all comes crashing down at once and reminds me that I've got a very annoying, frustrating disease.  


  1. Hey, diabetes can be a buzz kill all the time! Sometimes it just seems worse than others. And we're here to read and support, so don't worry about it. Several of my recent posts have been downers. Maybe it's in the air?

  2. Holly - I know I said it to you yesterday, but it bears repeating. Pregnancy isn't easy (for anyone, diabetes notwithstanding), and some people (me) don't enjoy the actual pregnancy itself. But all discomfort and health problems and diabetes aside, my pregnancy was beautiful. Every mom-to-be worries about everything - it's not just the diabetic ones!! Even when I was fighting back against a high blood sugar and worrying about the safety of my child, every time she kicked inside of me, I felt blessed. And when she was born, it was like my world cracked right open and all the worry and stress and difficulty during the pregnancy literally melted away. My decision to keep my family small isn't just based on diabetes factors. And your hope of a large family will hopefully be realized, diabetes be damned.

    Don't lose hope. My daughter is sitting on my lap as I type this and she's trying to bang on the keyboard. She says that everything is going to be beautiful for you. :) (And Siah just says hi. She doesn't care about anything other than food, anyway.)

  3. Thanks, ladies. Y'all certainly know how to tug at my heart strings. And I'm sitting here, again, with a tissue. But my tears are full of hope, I promise.

    It certainly helps to have a such a great support system like the DOC and my husband. Trey tells me all the time to not worry about stuff like that. He knows I'll google myself into an anxiety attack. LOL! =D


  4. This isn't a downer post, it's a realistic post!

    I am totally exactly where you are re: pregnancy. I think about it all the time, and my thoughts range from "I wish I was" to "That must suck."

    I know that pregnancy and motherhood are two of those things that you can't truly understand until you've been there, but I'm scared. And excited. And scared. And excited.

  5. Oh Holly, I worry about the same thing with Pregnancy and I'm always scared. But you are so dedicated to good control, I think you will have a wonderful and healthy baby :) I didn't think it was a downer post either :)

  6. I didn't think your post was downer at all. Judging from what I'm reading in the DOC and my own personal experience, I think the diabetes demons were especially active these last few days. Hopefully they will go back where they came from soon!


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