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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is this Bad?

Last night I changed my sensor site for Constance, and I decided to put the site on my arm.  Trey actually suggested this site because I was having problems keeping the stomach sites to stay on my for a full week, and he thought my arm would have less pulling on it from clothing and moving around.  I've been using my waterproof medical tape to keep a site down towards the end of its run. 

At first I was apprehensive because I wasn't sure I wanted to put my diabetes "out there" for all the world to see.  For the most part, this is an invisible disease minus the few seconds it takes to test and program my pump for my incoming carbs.  But putting the site on my arm would welcome the obvious questions like "What's that?" and "What's that for?"  I felt prepared and proud enough to explain Constance's presence.  But I also wanted it to look somewhat presentable, this sensor on my arm.  Not the case because . . .

the site was a bleeder!  

As soon as I inserted the needle I could feel the blood gushing from underneath the tape.  I wiped up the streaks (you can see in the photo) until the blood stopped.  Once it stopped, I put the transmitter back on and began the 2-hour calibration.  

I was somewhat concerned that this site might be bad.  So I tweeted the photo and asked, "Is this bad?".  I received 2 comments, one from DexcomClub and they told me as long as the bleeding stopped that it should be OK, but of course they recommend the stomach.  I'm 5'2'', so real estate on the stomach was running out.  I spent a good while last night rubbing alcohol on my stomach so it wouldn't look like a dart board with my belly button as the bulls eye.

After the calibration and the (seemingly) standard overnight "???" readings, I am once again streaming readings.  The site doesn't hurt, I even pressed on it after it stopped bleeding to make sure it didn't hurt and the bleeding had indeed stopped.  Is it weird that I just had blood gushing out of my arm and it didn't even phase me?  I was more worried that my CGM sensor would be bad that anything that could be wrong with my arm.  I guess such is life with diabetes--you get used to the sight of blood.  

Has anyone else had this experience?  I've had pump sites gush blood after I've pulled them, but none that gushed as soon as I put in the canula!  And is this just an arm thing or has this happened on a standard stomach site before?  I'm curious and perplexed at this whole situation.  

Also, since I have a nice brown blood stain on my site now, I didn't have the courage to go sleeveless today.  I'm wearing a cardigan.  :-/


  1. Everyone wants you to use your stomach, but room just runs the heck out -- especially when you account for waistbands and infusion sets and stuff.

    I love using my arms for sites!

  2. That happened to me, but it was a butt-site. I still used it and the readings were the same as if I had a tummy-site.

  3. I've had that happen with my arm too (with CGM) but from what I have heard, the MM sensors are a lot larger than dexcom. It was a massive gusher and left a gnarly bruise afterward.

  4. My husband does his upper legs. Works great!


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