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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Good, Very Bad . . . Morning

Did anyone read the children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  I somewhat believe this book was written for adults as a way to relate to kids when they have bad days. 

Case in point:  this morning.  Actually, it started last night.  I looked at the Dexcom software for the first time since it's been almost a month since I've had Constance and I wanted to see how my averages were doing.  I was floored at how bad my nighttime numbers were, especially from midnight to 3:00 AM.  So I bumped up my nighttime basal 0.1 units.  But dinner for the evening was chicken parmesan with rotini pasta.  I thought I had my pasta bolus down (square bolus over 3 hours), but boy was I wrong.  My numbers were good for the first 2 hours, in fact my peak was only 129 mg/dL.  But as soon as the bolus stopped and I was ready for bed, I saw a southeast arrow heading towards my 70 mg/dL alarm.  Sure enough, around 10:30 PM, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!  Test:  67 mg/dL.  Chomp 5 glucose tabs and head back to bed.  I was dead tired, but I was afraid to go to sleep.  My <55 mg/dL was going off, too, at 49 mg/dL.  I tried to stay awake long enough to know I was going up.  I wasn't "feeling" low.  I never experienced rapid heart beat, shaking, sweaty, or even dizzy which is usually my first symptom.  But my meter and Constance were telling me I was too low to feel comfortable going to sleep.  I finally saw 63 mg/dL with an arrow going up, so I felt confident enough to fall asleep. 

The tabs bumped me up to the mid 80s where I stayed most of the night until 3:00 AM when my morning basal kicks in, so I was greeted with another low alarm at 68 mg/dL.  However, I know my numbers take a kick up when I wake up (stress?), so I went back to sleep until my alarm went off two hours later.  After my alarm went off, I hit the snooze but not long before Arnold started beeping with a "Low Reservoir" alarm.  "For crying out loud!" I thought. 

When I finally got up to test, I was 90 mg/dL (thanks, dawn phenomenon).  I programmed my insulin for breakfast and hopped in the shower.  After eating and getting ready, I packed my lunch and hopped in the car (also noticed this is the 2nd time I've used the word "hopped", but I was really doing anything but, more like dragging).  My commute usually takes 25 minutes, and I made it all the way to my parking lot before I noticed . . . no wallet, no meter.  "[expletive] [expletive] [expletive]!!!"

I could do without the wallet until I got home, but not my meter.  Even with Constance, I still need finger sticks to calibrate, and I simply don't feel comfortable going 9 hours without a finger test.  So I pull back out of the parking lot and make the 25 minute commute back home, run into the house while leaving the car running, grab my wallet/meter, and run back to the car.  An hour and a half later, I finally walk up to my office and retrieve the necessary caffeine. 

At the end of Alexander's bad day, he wants to move to Australia.  I want to move to Jacquie's island of bad pets, because at least someone there would have had a meter. 

And y'all, it's only 9:00 AM . . .


  1. Ug. I hate days like that. I'm so glad I only live 0.2 miles from work. When I forget (which isn't often, but still), I am gone less than 5 minutes.
    I love that book, by the way. :) And I hope your day gets tons better. Oh, and I agree about Jacquie's island. It totally rocks.

  2. Oh Holly! I agree!!! I've been having those nights too, and last night was the worst. No sleep til 3am and I am dragging terribly. Slapped the alarm clock to "snooze" it and accidently cut it off and overslept by an hour. Everything is NOT going well so far. Are we sure it's not Monday again!!??

    Hope it gets better for you. :-) noww... where's the caffeeiiinneee????

  3. I hope your day gets better! And that your infusion site and sensor site stay sticky and in place. I had a similar day several months ago and looked down to discover my infusion site dangling out the side of my sweater. AND, the back up set I normally carry was at home. So, I totally empathize!

  4. I hate days like that! Sometimes it seems like everything that can go wrong, will. Forgetting the meter really stinks!

    And lows during the middle of the night really stink, they totally screw up our sleep schedule! Argh! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :)


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