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Saturday, November 13, 2010

And That's Why I Didn't Post Today

Seriously?!  How do other bloggers get through NaBloPoMo?!  I feel like I'm struggling to even open up my laptop today.  So with the (very) few minutes I have available, I'm gonna post why I wasn't able to write a coherent post today.  Here is a schedule of a pretty typical Saturday for me: 

6:30 AM:  Wake up to two dogs wrestling on the floor beside my side of the bed.  Let them out the back door to go potty. 

8:30 AM:  Wake up again to two whiny cats, no doubt begging for food and water, whining dogs at the back door, and a husband whining "Pancakes!"  Good morning to you, too, dear . . .

9:00 AM:  Finish eating pancakes and cleaning up the kitchen while hurriedly downing some necessary coffee.  Go get dressed in work clothes in order to go retrieve firewood from some friends who recently had a tree cut down in their yard. 

10:00 AM:  Arrive at destination to pick up firewood.  Spend the next hour loading cut pieces of tree into a trailer. 

11:00 AM:  Make the longest trip back home going 30 mph with a trailer loaded with firewood, including about 10 stump pieces. 

11:30 AM:  Head to the grocery store to pick up materials for indoor smores to take a friend's house to watch the Auburn/Georgia game. 

12:15 PM:  Arrive back home and make indoor smores and go get a shower (finally!). 

1:15 PM:  Eat a hurried lunch of Chobani's pineapple Greek yogurt, finish getting ready, and head out the door with a bag of BBQ chips to round out my lunch.

2:00 PM:  Arrive at friend's house for the Auburn game.  Friend also happens to be T1, and it was so cute when his 6-year-old daughter said, "My daddy has one of those," when I pulled out my pump to bolus for chips and dip.

2:30 PM:  Watch Auburn get ahead, get way behind, then come back with an on-side kick, then secure the lead for a win over the Dawgs!  War Eagle!  But UGA sure was cute (I love bulldogs).

7:00 PM:  Arrive back home, feed the dogs, change the cat litter (eww!), and finally sit down for the first time today to watch the Alabama/Miss St. and S. Carolina/Florida games while snuggling up to Missy.

10:00 PM:  Go to bed (hopefully) and wonder where in the world this day went!

And that's why I didn't post today.


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