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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Driving Me Crazy

I have talked about the benefits of having a CGM on numerous occasions.  But there is one major drawback with this wonderful device:  the psychological effects, namely the arrows.  In the realm of falling and rising (and constant) blood sugar values, the arrows are great!  They let you know where you're headed and how fast you're getting there.


Now, whenever I see arrows in the "real world", I automatically equate it to blood sugar trends.  And where do I see the most arrows?  When I'm driving.  The road signs signifying a direction or oncoming traffic have started to mess with my mind.  I never knew a simple "up" arrow could stress me out so much!

This simple sign meaning "One Direction:  Right" turns into, "Hmmm, looks like things are nice & steady."
And this Right Arrow sign starts to stress me out a bit, "Whoa, things are starting to go up.  I better slow down."
This sign for a tunnel meaning "This lane is 'Go'" starts to freak me out, "Holy cow!  We're dropping! We're DROPPING!"
 But then the signs start to mess with my head and confuse me, for example . . .

OK, so am I headed for double trouble sometime in the future? 
So I should be expecting a crashing low followed by an over-correction?
"I have no idea!"  *crawls into back of car and sucks thumb*
Diabetes is affecting my ability to drive, not only if my blood sugar is out of whack, but also in sanity. 


  1. I think that last one sums up diabetes perfectly.

  2. HAHAHA Love it! Needed a laugh...thanks! :)

  3. I love the Low with the Correction! LOL So funny.

  4. You are not crazy! I wrote a post similar to this back in August. I do the same thing! :)


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