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Monday, November 29, 2010

Twenty-Six Reasons

Today's my birthday, and I've got 26 reasons to be happy (which is perfect because that's how old I am). 

  1. I've lived almost 4 years with diabetes and am still as healthy as day #1.  
  2. I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my silly, emotional self, especially when I spend most of the day over 200 mg/dL, and he rubs my back as I sit on the edge of the bed and cry myself into his soaked T-shirt.  Just for example.  
  3. I have wonderful, supportive parents who make a pot of crawfish boil and strawberry cheesecake for my birthday because they know me.  
  4. I have a great extended family who loves me and is flooding my text message inbox with birthday messages.  
  5. Someone bought pumpkin spice latte creamer and put it in the coffee room at work!  
  6. I'm thankful for my wonderful job that has given me opportunities to use both of Super Nerd degrees.  
  7. Today is Monday which means that I have a new lancet to start the week.  
  8. I just bolused for a pomegranate Greek yogurt and I'm salivating waiting for my insulin to kick in.  
  9. I have wonderful friends who I consider to be more like family.  
  10. Even though they drive me crazy, I have 4 furry friends who are always happy to see me when I get home.  
  11. I get to decorate our new house with all the Christmas decorations I bought last year.  And I actually have a fireplace to put my stockings on!  
  12. Christmas 2011 has unofficially been declared to be held at our house.  I'm totally psyched and freaking out at the same time.  
  13. Auburn is #1 in the BCS standings!  
  14. I'm finally joining the 21st century and getting an iPod.  It should be here later this week or next week.  
  15. I'm glad I live in Alabama because I'm a total wuss when it comes to this cold weather thing.  It was 48 F this morning and I thought I was going to die! 
  16. It's been 30 minutes since I typed #8.  Excuse me for a moment . . . 
  17. It was delicious!  
  18. I'm so thankful to have the DOC!  It's so great to have people who instantly become friends over the phrase, "You?  Yeah, me too."  
  19. I got to ride my cousin's four-wheeler this weekend and only screamed a couple thousand times.  This made Trey fold over in laughter.  
  20. My dad has been doing some research on our family and apparently people live to be fairly old (respective death ages range from 86 to 104!). 
  21. On that historical note, I'm so thankful to live in this age of technology and to have a pump and CGM to help me manage this disease.  
  22. Roscoe only puked once in the 5 hour trip to south Alabama.  Poor puppy does not handle car rides very well.  
  23. I bought new gray work pants in my Saturday shopping, but I just realized they have faux pockets.  So Arnold and Constance are going clipped today.  
  24. I'm celebrating my birthday by doing a little shopping after work.  I'm so excited!  
  25. I love my mint flavored chapstick!  It makes me feel like I just got done brushing my teeth but not really. 
  26. I got a fancy new KitchenAid mixer as my birthday present!  And yes, I asked for it, so it's OK for me to get a "kitchen gift".  
Oh, and one to grow on . . .

   27.  I'm so happy to share this birthday with all of you.  Love you guys!  =)


  1. Happy Birthday! And, of course, I have to ask, which KitchenAid mixer did you get? I LOVE mine!!

  2. It's the Artisan? I believe that's what it's called, in Empire Red, too! =D

  3. PRETTY! Did you get the one with the glass bowl? I love that bowl.

  4. No, it just has the regular silver metal bowl.

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Hope you enjoyed your pomegranate greek yogurt...I have definitely been enjoying my straw-ban!

    Hope your day was wonderful :)


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