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Monday, November 22, 2010

Location, Location, Location . . .

 . . . is usually the mantra of successful real estate, but it's also true for pump site absorption.  I wrote how I was frustrated with my numbers the past few days.  It was like my insulin absorption doubled in time, so a high would linger for hours before finally coming down.

I had my site on my lower back, righty above my booty.  I haven't tried this area before because of the logistics of it:  it's on my lower back which made putting it in in the first place a gymnastics feat, it's right where my pants come up on my hips so there was rubbing issues, insulin absorption = FAIL!  But I'm trying to rotate around as much as I can so my stomach doesn't look like an over-used dart board.

The reason I feel like the absorption here was not very good is because this area has harder fat, as opposed to squishy fat like on my love handles and my upper arms.  We (diabetics) have been told that the best place for insulin absorption is somewhere with a nice fatty layer.  So for me, this includes the love handles, bat wings (upper arms), and outer thighs.  I've been rotating around these regions for the past few months to get the best insulin absorption and allow my skin to heal.  But sometimes a site area just doesn't cut it in the absorption arena, so I have to remove it from the rotation.  This is frustrating because I want to be able to rotate as much as possible, especially with my petite frame.

So I'm back to the usual stomach, arm, and thigh rotations while throwing some hip ones in there now and then (these sites are great, given the right type of undergarments /digression and TMI).  And with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I want to make sure I'm well-prepared with the best sites available.  How else am I supposed to enjoy all that carb-loaded food when my insulin absorption is in slow gear? 

Does anyone else have their areas where the location is not as "insulin thirsty"?  Any other petite pumpers out there know what I'm feeling? 


  1. I'm right there with you. My left thigh just... doesn't absorb. I always end up pulling the site early.

  2. I don't know if I'd be considered a petite pumper, but I've had scar tissue on my arms for at least ten years, and probably closer to fifteen, so I'm jealous that you have your arms as site places. My legs and stomach, and the occasional side/hip area also work. I hope you find something very helpful. (And, if you aren't sure, a nice shot on a carb loaded day always works too)

  3. I feel your pain (literally!). I am right there with you. I use my lower back (love handles), upper butt, outer thighs, and arms (I can't use my stomach right now due to pregnancy). It feels like you are using the same sites over and over.

  4. I can't use my butt or anywhere near my butt. I can get close but there is a fine line between good site, bad site. I get NO absorption there and I don't know why!


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