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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What?! Bloggers don't get Holidays?!

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I totally blew it for NaBloPoMo this year by not blogging the past 3 days.  I took my laptop with me to south Alabama with all intents and purposes to blog each day.  But Thanksgiving Day was such a rush after sleeping in too long and trying to make it my aunt's house on time.  And my post on Constance being my guide totally failed because she gave out on me as we were sitting down for dinner.  I knew she was getting close to being done, but I put off changing the sensor until after Thanksgiving dinner.  She gave me the "???" salute before, during, and after dinner, guess she couldn't handle the pressure. 

Then Friday, also known as Black Friday, was the day of the Iron Bowl which is an unofficial holiday for Alabamians.  All the world stopped to watch #2 Auburn (my team) and #11 Alabama challenge each other for the 75th time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  And between being completely depressed during the first half when Alabama jumped to a 24-7 lead, then screaming my head off in the second half when Auburn came back to win 28-27, I was completely spent for the rest of the day.  Then my parents made me a wonderful birthday dinner that included a crawfish boil and cheesecake.  Perfect! 

My parents got me this awesome hoodie for my birthday!

And Saturday . . . I have no excuse.  My mom and I went shopping, then we helped them retrieve Christmas decorations before going out to dinner.  All the while sat my poor laptop on the floor in my bedroom.  I didn't even open my phone for very long to check text messages.  I must admit, it was nice to take a break from all the social technology.  So I didn't make NaBloPoMo this year, but I'm surprised I even made it this long.  My posts were beginning to sound like, "Oh yeah, need to post something today, blah blah blah."  

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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