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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Change Your Lancet Day!

Last night we all changed our clocks to get an extra hour of sleep, checked our smoke detector batteries (thanks, @iam_spartacus!), and changed out our lancets, right? 

I've actually gotten into the good habit of changing out my lancet once a week for my UltraLink meter, since that's the one I use the most.  But I keep my pink One Touch Mini in my bathroom for those bookend tests.  (Note:  bookend tests = first thing in the morning when I wake up and last thing before I go to bed.)  Since I only use this meter twice a day, I don't change its lancet as much as the UltraLink.  In this case, I try to make sure that I change the lancet whenever I get a new vial of strips for its case. 

And thanks to Stacey, I'm getting another One Touch Mini in my favorite color:  purple!  More than likely, this meter will permanently go in my travel bag or gym bag.  Whenever we go out of town, I bring my UltraLink, of course.  But it's nice to have another meter to leave by the bed for those Constance-induced nighttime checks.  And when we go for walks, I like to bring a small backpack full of glucose tabs, syringes, cell phone, keys, and an extra meter. 

So between all of my meters, that's a lot of lancets to change!  How often do you change your lancet?  Every week, every day, every test (oh my!), or at the beginning/end of daylight savings time? 


  1. I change it when it starts to hurt more that normal. That can be anything from once a week to once a month. I've got basic, generic lancets at the moment and those suckers hurt a lot more than the soft touch lancets, so I change more often.

  2. I only change my lancet when I open up a new vial of strips, most of the time. Sometimes I forget and don't change it, but I can't remember the last time that I changed it more frequently than that.

  3. Uh... not often.... when Holly blogs about it being Changing Your Lancet Day??

  4. My little T1 is nine years old. I change her lancet every morning before she goes to school. When she takes a bath and the sides of her fingers get pruny, they look like shredded kleenex. It's the least I can do.

  5. I am totally new to T1 was diagnosed not quite 6 months ago. He changes his lancet every single time he checks his blood. Is this one of those things that CDEs teach kids and then as teenagers and adults ya'll do exactly what you want and when you want to?


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